Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on Reece's Rainbow!

I posted a few days ago about Reece's Rainbow and the opportunity to nominate them for a $1.5m grant, here is an update from Reece's Rainbow's website:

WE MADE THE TOP 25!!! that nominations are closed, there is no more voting until the top 25 are officially announced. CAN still be leaving comments, and adding messages to the discussion boards. This is a great way to continue "visibility" of our project with other cardholders we don't know, those folks who may choose to vote for us when the big voting starts. Your comments and your experiences with the success of this ministry are crucial! For "strangers", the way the project is currently written (and the only they allowed us to write it), it does not show that there is already an organization in place to execute this project, it does not indicate how many lives have already been saved, nor how EASY it would be to find families for ALL of these kids if we only had the grant money available.

So be sure to leave comments and more comments! Ask your "recruits" to leave more comments and messages, and keep the "Save an Orphan with Down syndrome" project at the top of the message boards!

Stay tuned for the official announcement on September 9, and then get ready to vote ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY for 3 weeks so we make the top 5 and win the money!

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