Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Mad Crush


We were at the store buying school supplies when Bitty found a little blue ball.

Dh and I were busy looking for the items on the list so we didn't notice the ball at first, until I heard Bitty tell one of the store employees who was walking by,

"This soccer ball has a mad crush on me and keeps following me around!!!"

He carried that little ball around the whole store and kept holding it up telling us (and anyone else who would listen) that the ball had a "mad crush" on him. We asked him where he heard that phrase (figured it wasn't Thomas) and he said, "Garfield, volume 15." He said it was like Garfield's ball of yarn.

Curious, I went looking through his Garfield book (Fat Cat 3-pack, volume 15) and sure enough:



Saturday, August 3, 2013

Special Needs Ryan Gosling - Week 1

Coming out of blog-hiatus at least for now to join in on Special Needs Ryan Gosling with Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenting. I found this meme last summer, right about the time she stopped doing it for a while (of course! lol) so I never had a chance to participate and thought it looked like fun.

And now she's brought it back, yay! :D

There was a time that we couldn't seem to go anywhere without making a scene. Sure, it may feel like people are staring because you're wrestling your child to keep him from running out into the parking lot, or chasing him down the aisles of the store way faster than you should attempt running because you're afraid to let him out of your line of sight, or dropping to the ground mid-stride in a vain attempt to catch him before he licks the sidewalk *again*. I mean, I can see why you might *think* that's why people are staring. But maybe, just maybe, Ryan is onto something and it's really because we're such hot mamas ;). It's possible, right?

In other news, a few words of encouragement: This stuff HAS eventually gotten better. The chasing, the wrestling, the public meltdowns and screamfests... it didn't happen overnight (not by a long shot) and it took establishing a familiar routine for pretty much everything and everywhere, and sometimes we still attract unwanted attention... but you know what? Even if the kids are loud they're *usually* not screaming. They may be flapping and jumping but they're not *entirely* pinging off the walls. One still likes to roll around on the floor (and yes, I make him get up), but he's *not* licking the floor anymore. They either hold my hand (the 8 y/o) or actually stop when I remind them to stop and watch for cars before walking to the parking lot (the 12 y/o's). I still feel that familiar wave of relief whenever we are back in the car or house (translation: safely contained) but generally the exhaustion level of taking everyone out is so. much. better.

Check out more SN Ryan Gosling here.

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood


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