Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things to be thankful for (our day so far)

The first thing Little Bitty said to me this morning was, "Trees... I wike trees" Pretty random, lol :).

Bearhug: "I had a great dream last night, everything was donuts. A hammer was a donut. A bed was a donut. I ate them all. It was great until I got sick from eating too many donuts." Yep, eating tools and furniture that are really donuts will do that.

Cuddlebug: "Hey Mama, guess what we call this big red ball? Big Red Ball." lol

Bearhug: "This ball started out flat, then we put air in it, then the air will come out and it will be flat again. Then we'll put air in it again. That's the life cycle of a ball."

In fact, they are so excited about the Big Red Ball that they asked me, "Are we blessed, Mama?" I said yes. They decided to say a special prayer to thank Heavenly Father for their ball. It was humbling for me to see how quickly they realize who is responsible for all our blessings, even big red bouncy balls.

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A Father's Perspective

A while back dh was interviewed for Special Needs Neighborhood on his thoughts on raising autistic children. At the time of this interview, our twins were 7 and our youngest son was 3 1/2 years old.

In an effort to keep a record of the interview (trying to keep everything in one place), I'm posting it here (and backdating it), with minor edits to the introduction.


Dh is a stay-at-home Dad to our three boys, all of whom are on the autism spectrum. He has a degree in teaching and coaching. We decided before having children that we didn’t want to put our children in day care and that one of us would be a full time parent. When the time came, we decided that he would leave his job to stay at home full time.

Below is the interview with dh's answers, and I chimed in with my thoughts on some of the questions too (my comments were also included in the original interview). :)

Question: What’s it like to be a stay-at-home Dad? Do you have a network like most moms do?

Dad: I think being a SAHD (stay-at-home Dad) has been a very rewarding experience because it has given me the opportunity to be able to spend a lot of time with my kids. I enjoy helping my boys with their homework and seeing them getting excellent grades. It has given me the chance to guide them and communicate with them a lot more. There are tough days but you just stay motivated and understand that what you’re doing is more important than yourself.

Where we used to live there were a lot more SAHDs so there was more of a support network at least in the area that we lived. Where we live now, it has been more difficult because the SAHDs are more spread out and to go to those play days would require a lot of travel. I would imagine if SAHDs numbers increased you would see a stronger support system but I think we’re still in our infancy.

Question: Do you find it isolating caring for children with special needs and being a Dad?

Dad: I think like SAHMs (stay-at-home Moms), SAHDs are not immune to feelings of isolation and depression, especially in the beginning. There are two halves of the equation: the first is, takes time to adjust and implement a plan. I believe if you plan your day and set goals for you and your kids then you’ll feel much better where you are and what lies ahead. The other half of the equation is, don’t be afraid to go out in public. If you choose to stay home then the odds of feeling alone increases. I’m not saying it’s easy, and in reality it’s pretty nuts but I learned a lot by doing it. The more I went out the more my kids got used to the different environments, which made it less stressful for them. I just made sure that I didn’t make more than two stops a day. The question you’re asking yourself is . . . did your kids go crazy? The answer is most definitely. I just went during times when there weren’t a lot of people and prayed they were going to have a good day. I look back now and laugh but those were some tough times.

Mom: I just want to add that I think this is one area where my husband has really made a huge impact on our boys’ progress. For a long time, they were extremely hyperactive and prone to frequent meltdowns and/or running off in different directions. I managed okay, and I’m not saying it was easy for him, but when it came to carrying two kicking, screaming toddlers at the same time (the inevitable result of said meltdowns), he was better at that. He was also determined to keep taking them out despite the challenges because how else were they going to have a chance to practice appropriate behavior and eventually be able to tolerate different environments? I’m not sure I would have been as persistent about going out (I’m kind of a homebody as it is) but his diligence has most definitely paid off.

Question: What are some of your triumphs that you are proud of with your kids?

Dad: The first one that comes to mind is that my kids make excellent grades and I credit that to planning my day. I used to work with my kids on something academically M-F at least two hours a day. I always tried to keep them a grade ahead so they wouldn’t have to worry about academics as much during school so they could focus more on communicating and it definitely worked. It gave them the opportunity to help other students in class, which really helped with self-esteem. I think some good friendships came out of those experiences.

Another triumph is that it has helped us be a close family. We spend a lot of time together as a family and enjoy playing games or just going on short trips. We are still limited on where we can go but every year we take another step forward. This experience has humbled all of us but I think that is a good thing.

Question: What is a typical day like in your house?

Dad: It’s much easier than it was when my twins were younger, those days are still a blur and it may take hypnotherapy to recover those memories (just kidding). Today it is much easier in the sense that my twins are in school until 3:15 and my youngest around 1:45. I get up early to take them to school and get back to repair all the damage that has been inflicted on my house by my kids and wife. It’s quite amazing to be honest. In between I do shopping, errands, dinner, laundry, etc. After I pick my kids up from school we enjoy some free time and then we do homework. We make dinner and get ready to do it again the next day. I don’t think it’s much different than what other families do.

Mom: A typical day at our house is very active and very loud! The concept of “inside voices” is one we’re still working on — add to that a lot of laughing, yelling, singing, and humming (times three) and the noise level gets pretty intense, but you kind of get used to it. We are more likely to notice the quiet when everyone goes to bed than the noise when they are awake, and I wouldn’t trade our bustling home for anything! There is a fair amount of structure to our day, but we also go out of our way to change things up in small ways too in our effort to strike a balance between affording our kids the structure and routine that they need and also teaching them to cope with some level of ambiguity and spontaneity.

Question: What lifestyle interests do you promote with your sons?

Dad: My boys all enjoy reading and that is something we’ve always encouraged from a very young age. We like to play the Wii and board games even though my kids have a tendency to change the rules to their benefit. I always seem to lose. They are just now starting to get into sports, especially football, which makes me very proud being from Texas.. We’ve had them in gymnastics for a few summers now and that is something that really seems to help them with their lack of coordination. We’ve tried chess club at school and art camps during the summer. Camping is something that we will be experimenting with this spring and summer. Baseball and soccer were very difficult because there is a lot of waiting, which is very difficult. I paid a lot of money to watch my kids pick flowers. There are still a lot of activities out there to expose them to so it’s about finding what they might enjoy.

Mom: We’ve tried to expose our boys to a lot of different things because you never know what they’re going to really enjoy or have a talent for. We try to balance things that play to their strengths versus things that will stretch them and help them develop in areas that may not be their strengths. The key for us has been to be flexible. Some things we’ve tried didn’t go so well, and even an “age-appropriate” activity doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good fit for a child on the spectrum-but sometimes you just don’t know until you try. For example, even the 4 year old tae kwon do class required a level of focus and attention span that our extremely active twins just didn’t quite have yet, even though they had the physical skills needed. A year later, we tried gymnastics and they did great!

Question: What question(s) are you asked most often about your choice to stay at home?

Dad: The first question is why would you want to do that? This question gets asked equally from both men and women, in case some are wondering. I just explain the situation as politely as I can and people usually understand or at least just smile. I think it is still controversial to a lot of people but you do what you think is best for your kids.

Question: How do you feel about being the primary caregiver for your sons?

Dad: I think I feel the same as any other father out there, very blessed. I’m just fortunate enough to have the ability to stay home with my kids and hope I do a good job raising them. I really don’t feel like I’m the primary caregiver. I feel my wife and I do a good job balancing that by making sure we spend equal amounts of time with them. It’s hard to do but we manage it.

Question: What do you like most about being a stay-at-home Dad?

Dad: What I most like about it is that I get to watch my kids grow every day. It’s really an amazing thing to watch your kids progress day to day. I remember when they were born and its seems just like yesterday. We only get them at home a short time and once that is gone, there’s no turning back the clocks. My wife and I have a lot of faults and we are always trying to be better parents but one thing that we’ve been good about from the very beginning is that we spend lots of time with our kids.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

A few updates from our week

Highlights from this week:

Little Bitty continues to throw a fit every. single. morning. :P He calms down by the time he gets to school but I wish I didn't have to wrestle with him every day just to get him dressed. He was doing so good before the Christmas break... but ever since going back mornings have been rough.

Cuddlebug and Bearhug earn "money" at school for listening, working hard, and good behavior, which they can then use to "buy" things from the treasure box. They decided to pool their resources to save up for a large squishy ball (their teacher is planning to replace it soon so she put it up for "sale"). They've been saving ALL YEAR (lol, that means all month) for that ball and today, they finally had enough to earn it. They were beyond ecstatic :). I'm really proud of them for working so hard!

Little Bitty still has a bump / bruise right in the middle of his forehead from his dancing mishap the other day. He was doing this dance on the kitchen floor, in socks, which turned out to be a bad combination. Somehow he slipped so fast that he fell face first onto the floor. For whatever reason, he didn't put his hands out to catch himself :(. It doesn't seem to bother him, hopefully it will go away soon.

Cuddlebug was talking to me the other day in the bedroom and started asking about the quilt on our bed. It is one that my mom crocheted for me years ago. He asked me what it is made of, and how Grandma made it. He said he likes all the squares and told me the colors make him happy. :) I asked if he wanted me to put it on his bed and his face lit up. Needless to say the colorful quilt is now in his room :).

We had a friend come over to visit, and during the conversation Bearhug interjected, "80% of people believe in God." I wasn't totally following the conversation so I'm not sure if that was related to the discussion or not. We asked him how he knew that, and he said he saw it on the news, he said on Nov 10. "And 71% believe in angels, 59% believe in deebil, and 36% believe in unfos." We figured out pretty quick that the 59% believe in the devil, but the unfos confused us. "36% believe in unfos? what are unfos?" "Unfos" he repeated. We asked him how it was spelled, and he said "U-F-O" LOL, "Oh, UFO's" "Yeah," he said, "unfos" :) Sure enough, I did some checking and there was a Harris poll released in December with those exact statistics. The surveyed people the week of Nov 10, which I'm pretty sure that date was on the broadcast he saw which is probably why he remembered it. His memory is pretty amazing!

Little Bitty is learning to put on his underwear by himself. Only thing is, he keeps putting it on backward... I think maybe he likes to be able to see the picture on the back :).

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SEW & WW: Eating ice cream


5 Minutes for Special Needs

Little Bitty hates the coldness of ice cream, but he always wants to try it anyway. He ends up just barely trying it with the tip of his tongue:

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday wishes

Last week was my birthday, and the boys made me these cute cards :). As you can see, they are into Super Mario Bros, lol. I had to laugh at the "dead piranha" in Bearhug's picture, only a 7-yr-old boy would give his mom a birthday card with a picture of a dead piranha, ROFL. :)

Cuddlebug's card was full of random numbers and a note to circle my age... after I did he said to circle all the ages I have already been. Then Bearhug told me, "Don't worry, mama, when you die, when your body gets old and stops working, we'll circle the numbers you didn't get to. We'll put X's on them."

Whew... I feel so much better now :).

(Click on the pictures for a larger version that's easier to read)

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

If Bearhug ruled the world...

One day while driving, we were getting close to our destination when we ran into some traffic. Ready to get out of the car, Bearhug informed us that when he grew up, he'd make a sign that read:

LOL, sometimes I could go for one of those signs too. :)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dad's perspective

As many of you know, dh is a SAHD and has been since Cuddlebug and Bearhug were 6 weeks old. Rene and Kim over at Special Needs Neighborhood asked if he'd be interested in doing an interview about what it's like to be a SAHD with special needs children. It will be posted in parts, so far parts 1 and 2 are up.

Head on over there and leave some "comment love" for dh, I know he'd appreciate it :).

A Father's Perspective on Parenting Children with Autism - part 1
A Father's Perspective on Parenting Children with Autism - part 2
A Father's Perspective on Parenting Children with Autism - part 3 (final)

I'll leave this post at the top and keep adding links until the whole interview is up.

If you haven't been to Special Needs Neighborhood, it's a great site with lots of resources, and their blog has some informative posts as well, worth the read.

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Meeting Glenn Beck

We weren't formally introduced or anything, but when Glenn Beck was in our area for his book signing tour, dh and I decided to go. Knowing that we'd probably have to wait in line for a while, and knowing how much our boys love waiting in lines, we arranged to have Bearhug and Cuddlebug play with their friend across the street for a while and we took Bitty with us.

We arrived about 2 hrs before he was scheduled to be there, so we were near the front of the line. Dh held our place in line while Bitty and I walked around to keep him occupied. When it got closer, we joined dh in the line. I took some pictures while we were waiting:

Bitty was done looking at the camera when it was my turn:

A mother / daughter pair in line next to us, I liked their shirts so I asked if I could take their picture for my blog :)

Little Bitty entertaining himself while we waited

Glenn Beck's crew kept the line moving pretty fast so we didn't get to stop and chat, but we shook his hand and he patted Mr. Bitty on the head :), and after that I walked back over to take a couple of pictures. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and I was impressed that he focused on looking people in the eye as he greeted them, rather than focusing on signing books. That made for some squiggly signatures, sure, but still I thought that said something about what he felt was more important.

I got a picture of the tour bus parked outside as we went out to our car.

If you haven't read his book, "The Christmas Sweater" yet, it's a quick read but will stay with you long after you finish the book. My review of it is posted here.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Lovely blog award

Wow, a big thank you goes out to Sticky from Not too sticky... for awarding me with this aptly named "Lovely blog award."

I promised to be a little more on-the-ball with passing these along whenever I am fortunate enough to receive one, so here goes:

The Double Trouble Twins
My Platypus Life
Floortime Lite Mama
Another Piece of the Puzzle
Moms of Special Needs Children

NOTE - this is a stress-free award! Pass it on if and when you get a chance to, or not at all, that's ok too.

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The day of many baths

I've been meaning to post about this... last Sunday we had a day of many baths for Little Bitty. First up - his regular bath, just because. He HATES taking a bath these days (sometimes he loves it, sometimes he hates it, doesn't seem to be much in between) so he screamed the entire time. I got almost as wet as he was from all the splashing, and the fact that I had to physically hold him in the tub (and/or block him from climbing out) with one hand and try to wash him with the other. Do you know how hard it is to keep a slippery, soapy little boy who is *determined* to get out of the tub, in the tub? I know some of you reading this know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, after all this nonsense, I finished washing him and backed up to get him a towel, telling him he could get out now. And immediately he plopped himself down into the tub and decided he wanted to stay a while and play. AAAHHHHH! Mind you, those bath toys were there during his big fit too, but he wasn't at all interested in them until it was time to get out.

Our church meetings are at 11am now (yay!) so I had some time to let him play in hopes that next time he wouldn't put up a big fight about getting in the tub in the first place.

No such luck. A few hours later (after church), he had a blowout in his pull-up (he still won't do #2 in the potty). He attempted to clean himself up before we realized what had happened (dh and I had both dozed off on the couch) and basically just ended up making a huge mess which was too much for a few wipes (or even a lot of wipes) to clean up.

So we headed back to the tub for bath #2. Bitty was NOT HAPPY about this turn of events, and fought me every step of the way. When he was clean, he wanted to stay in and play but that time I said no (because the water was gross) and made him get out. He eventually calmed down and went about his business.

A little while later, he was cuddling up and I realized he still smelled, well, like poop. How is that possible?!? And then I remembered... whenever Little Bitty has anything on his hands he will use his hair as a napkin. Grossy-gross. And having forgotten that little tidbit (and having not seen anything out of the ordinary in his hair) I had just washed his body and not his hair during bath #2.

So bath #3 ensued, which that time was actually a shower in an attempt to make it fast. Yeah, he wasn't impressed with that one either, and I felt bad having to subject him to yet another one but there is no way I could send my baby to school the next day with that smell in his hair.

So by bedtime, he was one clean, good-smelling guy and thankfully he had forgiven me for the baths.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A glimpse into our trip

Finally, just what I know you've all been waiting for! Ok, probably not, but here they are anyway :). A few pictures from our trip over Christmas:

Bearhug and Cuddlebug had a great time visiting with family.

Cuddlebug's red bandana is getting pretty worn out so we bought some new ones - in several different colors so he can change it up now if he wants to :).

Here the boys are playing with their new remote control cars. I'm not sure how much luck Bearhug was having with his on the grass...

Little Bitty playing "wekkum to noggin" on the computer, such a look of concentration!

A beautiful sunset we saw on the drive:

When Bearhug asked for a "billerd table" he didn't specify how big it should be... :)

When we went to the local pizza / game place, Little Bitty was not at all interested in pizza, he remembered this cool train that he likes to ride (over and over) every time we visit:

We picked up some fireworks just across the state line on our way back home, apparently it is legal to fire them in our state, but not legal to buy them in our state... I did some experimenting with my camera settings to take this:

Orion was so glad to have his family back home after a week and a half, he didn't even mind when we put this little Christmas bandana on him :)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SEW & WW: Bumper cars

In my Mondays in Motion post the other day I included a clip of Bearhug and Cuddlebug riding the bumper cars on our spring break trip last year. I mentioned that they talked their Grandpa Chris and Great-Grandma Dora (my grandma) into riding with them, here are the pictures :).

Click here for more Special Exposure Wednesday, click here and here for more Wordless Wednesday.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm losing the battle...

...with my hair. :( I'm not even 35 yet (at least not for another few days) and the white hairs just keep popping up. Yes, they are not even grey, they are WHITE!

The first one showed up when I was 27, which just happened to be the year that Cuddlebug and Bearhug were born. Coincidence? You decide...

It was just one or two, and I yanked them out and moved on. Of course they grow back, and I yank them out again. Every now and then I notice a few more, and a few more. The other day I was busily isolating them and pulling them out again when I realized... there are too many to pull them all out. Unless I want to waste a lot of time, which I don't.

I have pretty thick hair, so I don't think it's too noticeable yet, but still. My hair is dark brown, so glaring white hairs are hard to hide.

I suppose I could start coloring my hair more often... it's something I do about once a year just for fun when I'm in the mood, not to cover up my few white hairs. I always color it red, which results in dark auburn. The only issue with doing that as these white hairs multiply is that it doesn't turn them dark auburn like the rest of my hair, it turns them (are you sitting down for this?) pink.


Ok, enough of the random nonsense, will return to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow :).

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays in Motion: Random moments 2008


Mondays in Motion!

Mondays in Motion is back! We'll stick to the first Monday of every month going forward and I'll try to remember to post a reminder a week before each month.

For this month, here's a collection of some random video clips from 2008, starting with Jan08 and ending Dec08. A couple of them you may have seen before but most are new :).

This includes their first snow, a trip to the aquarium, riding Grandpa Danny's little cart (the speed dial showed a rabbit and a turtle and no matter how many times I told Bearhug to keep it on turtle, he kept pushing it to rabbit!). I love Bitty's solution to playing Putt-Putt :). And I was amazed when Cuddlebug and Bearhug wanted to ride the bumper cars - all that loud music and bright flashing lights (which they would typically want to avoid) seems like massive overstimulation waiting to happen. But apparently the spinning and crashing (which they LOVE!) was more than enough to balance it out and they had a blast! They were later joined by Grandpa Chris and even talked Great-Grandma Dora into going in with them. I don't have video of that but I do have pics so I'll have to show them in another post. At the end they are playing with the remote control cars they got for Christmas at Uncle Terry's house. See that nice long hallway with tiled and hardwood floors? They had a ton of fun sliding up and down that in their socks :).

It's your turn! If you don't make it today, feel free to join in anytime during the week. :)

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Overdue thanks!


I wrote this on Friday night and didn't post it because when I finally finished it was very late and I was too tired to make the rounds letting everyone know about their awards. Over the weekend whenever I was able to steal some computer time, my google reader was calling my name, so it still didn't get posted. Anyway, so today I'm going to go ahead and post it this morning, and tonight I'll post comments letting everyone know, and if you happen to find it in the meantime, that's cool too! :)

I finally have some quiet time and I'm getting caught up, yay!

First, I want to thank Krystal at Mommy's Escape 6.0. She wrote such a sweet and generous post about Everyday Adventures in her cyber-secret Santa post. She totally made my day with that one :). The post was part of Spin Cycle, hosted by Sprite's Keeper. Krystal - you're such a great friend and an awesome mom, I'm glad to know you! (((hugs)))


Also, I have been given some awards in the last few weeks (months?) so I want to express my thanks for those and pass them along. I'm going to try to be more timely with these in the future :).

Elizabeth of Three Channels was kind enough to award me the following three awards. Thank you!

The qualifications to receive the award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:

1. Must link it back to the creator.
2. Post the rules.
3. Choose 5 people to give it to.
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above.
5. Create a post to share this.
6. You must thank the winner.

This one goes out to:

Rhema's Hope
My Inner Bitsy
A Celebration of Our Journey
If Only I Had Superpowers
Special Considerations

Now, here are the *rules* that go along with this award:

1. Put the award up on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog

My picks for this one are:

Izzy 'N Emmy
The Farmer Files
Musings of the Wife of a Pilot
Experiencing Each Moment
Whitterer on Autism
Life's Sweet Passions
Still Crazy After All These Years

This award in particular requires that I list six things that make me happy along with six other worthy bloggers that I’ll bestow this trinket to.

Six things that make me happy:

1. Seeing Bitty's jubilant run - whenever he asks me for something he takes off running as soon as I get up to get it for him.

2. When Cuddlebug tells me something makes him happy because when he says that, he means it.

3. Bearhug laughing, whether I get the joke or not I can't help laughing with him.

4. The fact that dh cleans the cats litter box so I don't have to :)

5. Clear, sunny days when it's not too hot and not too cold.

6. Curling up with a good book.

I'm giving this one to:

Pancakes Gone Awry
Chanelle and Tristan
Life With Meechi
pictures, prose, and (scrapbook) pages
Just Add Laughter
Not too sticky
Momma's Gone over the Wall

Julie at A Celebration of Our Journey and Alisha at Izzy 'N Emmy gave me this cool award. Thanks!

This award is meant for people who are positive, show gratitude, and of course: make lemons out of lemonade!

The rules for this award are that you post the graphic for it, write a post that links back to the giver, and then pass it on to up to ten others. Leave a comment on the blogs that get the award, so they know what's happened.

I'm passing this one along to:

My Three Sons - a great mom who knows the joy of raising boys :), her family has been through a lot but she keeps a positive attitude and shows a lot of faith.

Mommy's Escape 6.0 - I'm so glad I found her blog, she's a fellow autism mom with 5 kids on the spectrum + an adorable new baby, she rocks!

Three Channels - she's a great writer and mom who finds the humor in all kinds of situations, her blog is well worth the time to read.

Autism Family Adventures - a single mom with two kids on the spectrum, and she gives a LOT of her time in support of other autism families. I don't know how she keeps up!

Rhema's Hope - she continually inspires me with her strong faith in God and her devotion to her family.

Alisha at Izzy 'N Emmy granted these two awards:

The rules for these awards are:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Mommy's Escape 6.0
A Celebration of Our Journey
My Inner Bitsy
Three Channels
The Farmer Files
If Only I Had Superpowers
Special Considerations
Life's Sweet Passions
Musings of the Wife of a Pilot
Whitterer on Autism

And, this one I wasn't technically awarded but I am going to take Krystal up on her open offer to grab this one :). (A) because I want to pass an award on to my brother for his awesome pilot blog (check it out for some great pictures of the Alaska skies and lots of airplanes) but I need a non-girly-looking award to give him :), and (B) it's a cool award and I know Krystal won't mind me snagging it!

This award is for any blog that truly ‘measures up’.


1. Say one nice thing to a man someone in your life.
To my husband - you're the best!

2. List at least six ways that you measure success in your life (or for your blog).
A) Hugs from my boys
B) Averting an oncoming meltdown (not saying I can do that all the time or even very often, but when I do, I consider it a very successful moment!)
C) Helping my boys succeed
D) Time spent with my family
E) Balancing work, home, church, and not letting anyone down (easier said than done)
F) Supporting my friends

3. Assign this award to six other blogs and leave them a comment telling the blogger that you’ve assigned them this award.

My Life as a Pilot
The Bon Bon Gazette
A Voice for Moms
Zen Ventures
Boondock Ramblings

4. Link back to the blog that you received this award from.
Thank you Krystal :).

NOTE - these are stress-free awards! Pass them on if and when you get a chance to, or not at all, that's ok too.

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Magic Marker Monday: Logic



I found this on Cuddlebug's schoolwork a while back, I think the object was to tell how they worked out the problem but I love his logic :).

On the same page was this - he drew himself eating a donut, which is funny because we rarely have donuts in the house and that one is gigantic!

For more Magic Marker Monday, visit 5MFSN.

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I'm a mom of three boys on the autism spectrum, 11-yr-old identical twins and a 7-yr-old. My husband is a SAHD.


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