Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Mad Crush

We were at the store buying school supplies when Bitty found a little blue ball.

Dh and I were busy looking for the items on the list so we didn't notice the ball at first, until I heard Bitty tell one of the store employees who was walking by,

"This soccer ball has a mad crush on me and keeps following me around!!!"

He carried that little ball around the whole store and kept holding it up telling us (and anyone else who would listen) that the ball had a "mad crush" on him. We asked him where he heard that phrase (figured it wasn't Thomas) and he said, "Garfield, volume 15." He said it was like Garfield's ball of yarn.

Curious, I went looking through his Garfield book (Fat Cat 3-pack, volume 15) and sure enough:



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