Saturday, September 6, 2008

News of the day, part 2 (exciting!!)

Little Bitty is starting to work on potty training! Tonight, he was wearing underwear and when he needed to go to the bathroom, he came running over saying "poowuh" (pull-up) which means he wants to swap his undies for a pull-up so he can go potty (in the pull-up). I don't know if it's sensory issues or typical kid stuff, but as much as he likes to sit on the potty, he has shown no interest in actually doing his business on the potty. He very much prefers using his pull-up.

So I refused to put on the pull-up and took my cue to get him to the potty, pronto! He didn't want to sit on his little potty so I took him to the regular one. He spent the next 20 min or so climbing up on the potty, then getting right back down, putting a wad of tp in the trash can (he doesn't like to flush tp. Don't ask, I have no idea why), saying "go wahya has" (go wash your hands), and hopping to the sink where he proceeded to thoroughly wash and dry his hands. Only to go back to the toilet and start the whole process again. And again. And again...

I was hoping the warm water might at least help move things along. No such luck, at least not at first. Eventually, on one of his "sits" he actually trickled a little bit of pee-pee into the potty. WOW!! That's HUGE! I tried to help him aim to keep it from going on the floor, but he pushed me away, and it ended up being just a few drops anyway.

That's all he would do, he wouldn't finish going (surely he had more than a few drops?) or leave the bathroom. So I finally left him to his routine and went to make dinner. He closed the door (guess he wanted some privacy? not like he ever gives anyone else any privacy!)

A few minutes later as I was fixing dinner, he came running into the kitchen, grabbed a handful of wipes, and went running back to the bathroom. I know my Bitty, he likes to clean up his own messes (a good thing, right?). So that must mean there's a mess to clean up. I followed him and sure enough, there was a puddle on the bathroom floor.

Based on the location of the puddle and my best estimate of the trajectory that created the puddle, I'm pretty sure he was sitting on the potty when it happened, but just needs to work on his "aim." I gave him a high-five and helped finish the clean-up effort. Dh came in to see the excitement and also gave him a high-five :).

I put his underwear back on him (Thomas underwear, of course! And yes, I'm going to get pictures!) and Cuddlebug and Bearhug made a big deal of the fact that he was wearing underwear instead of a pull-up :). I made the incorrect assumption that he was done with his business.

A few minutes later, he came to me with wet underwear, apparently he had a little leftover which ended up on the kitchen floor (at least not on the carpet). So I decided to call it a night and give him a bedtime pull-up, then mopped the floor.

Woohoo! He's a month shy of 3 1/2 so I'm glad he's finally showing an interest in potty-training. I'll keep ya posted on his progress!


HDMac on September 6, 2008 at 3:56 PM said...

Giggling.... bless little bitty's heart! and your's too mom!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Wonderful job, both of you!!!


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