Monday, August 4, 2008

Breakin' the law (LOL)

Dh started to make a u-turn today and did not see the "no u-turn" sign in time to stop (apparenty he didn't hear me saying "you can't turn here" lol). The boys were NOT letting it go, and when we passed a police car I heard them in the back seat telling the officer all about it (not realizing he couldn't hear them) and wondering out loud whether he was going to give Dada a ticket. They are all about signs. If the sign says so, it's gospel.

Reminds me of one time when we went to the park when BH and CB were almost 5 yrs old, and they saw a couple walking their dog across a baseball field in the park. There was a sign saying "no dogs" so they took off running across the field before we could catch them, chasing the couple down so they could tell them, "the sign says 'no dogs'!"

Another time, we were driving around a neighborhood and BH saw a car parked near a "no parking" sign, so he yelled out the window, "the sign says 'no parking'!!" There was a cul-de-sac at the end so when we drove back by and the car was still there, he told me, "Mama, that car’s still there, the sign says no parking, I told them that!”

My little "enforcers" LOL


Floortime Lite Mama on August 4, 2008 at 11:52 PM said...

Love the ART
I also lovedyour earlier posts about your twins sense of direction - my son is the same !- If we are about to go to a place he loves and we are going by a different way - the back of our seat will get kicks and he will sob quietly


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