Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another mystery solved

Sometime early this summer, Cuddlebug started wearing a red bandana wherever he went. He wore it everywhere - to the grocery store, to camp, to a birthday party, everywhere but to church (gotta draw the line somewhere, right?). We didn't think much of it, just figured it was a phase that would pass. When the beginning of school was approaching, I decided we needed to approach him about it. I felt conflicted, after all it shouldn't be a big deal, but I didn't really want him to wear it to school which could potentially invite teasing.

We told him he wouldn't be able to wear it at school, and when we saw his disappointment, asked him why he wore it every day. Turns out, he's decided it has medicinal value. He said that wearing it around his neck protects his throat from getting sick. Sure enough, once he said that I realized that he started wearing it after he got a sore throat earlier this summer. I asked him what made him think that, and he said he hasn't had a sore throat since he started wearing it. Who can argue with that logic?

We brainstormed some ideas of what else could help protect his throat and came up with a watch as an alternate solution (with the added benefit of telling you what time it is!) so we'll be heading to the store this weekend to buy him a watch (and BH too if he wants one). In the meantime, he's been leaving his bandana at home and putting it back on when he gets home from school.

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