Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer, we hardly knew ye...

Wow, this summer seems to have flown by, it's hard to believe that it's coming to an end. School starts next week!

Today was school registration / open house for all three boys. Turns out Bitty's new teacher was also one of Bearhug's teachers when he was in Pre-K :), and one of her parapros worked with Cuddlebug's class when he was there. I know they and the other parapro who we met today will do great with Bitty! We found out that at least a couple of the boys from his class last year will be in his class this year, so it will be good for him to have some familiar faces in class.

Bitty has really been freaking out about school starting. Every time we mention it, he gets upset, and last night when we tried to prep him for the fact that we'd be meeting his teacher today he went ballistic and had a meltdown for about an hour. He always does fine once he's there though. We had to bribe him with an Oreo to get him in the door, but once he started to see familiar people (he's been going there for over a year so pretty much everyone knows him) and places (his classroom is in the same hallway as his class last year), he started to relax and even seemed excited about being back.

That being said, I know we're in for a rough couple of weeks (at least) while he re-adjusts to the new schedule, especially in the morning. We'll be stocking up on Oreos and Pop-tarts to help ;).

We visited Cuddlebug & Bearhug's school also and met their new teachers. They too seem very nice and I think they are each a good fit for the boys. We had to laugh because we noticed that each of their desks (they are in separate classes) are right next to the teacher's desks, LOL. Coincidence? Perhaps... you decide ;). They have the same resource teacher that they've had since 1st grade, and she is awesome!

Bearhug has been getting increasingly anxious as the first day of school approaches (it starts next week), but this happens every year both at the beginning and end of the school year so we're working through it as best we can. Cuddlebug seems pretty calm about the start of school, I think he is more looking forward to it. They both found out that some of the children they know from prior years will be in their classes this year, so that familiarity helps.

We also found out that they'll both be doing some gifted pull-out this year, so it will be exciting to see what kind of activities they'll be doing with that. Third grade will bring a lot of new challenges and it's going to be a lot of work but I know they'll do great!


This school year, we're planning to enroll Bearhug and Cuddlebug in Cub Scouts. The scouts had and end-of-summer pool party and invited the new, incoming scouts to come also, so we went to that earlier this week. The boys had a great time - they absolutely love to go swimming! Especially Bearhug, he has always been my little "fish." They don't know how to swim yet, so they stayed in the shallow end, but Bearhug had fun jumping in and I think they might be getting ready for dh to teach them to swim. He's tried before (he has experience teaching swimming, including teaching swimming to children with special needs, from his college days) but so far the boys have been very resistant so we've just been waiting until they are ready. We don't get to go swimming that often so we haven't had that many opportunities to practice anyway.

Unfortunately dh wasn't at the pool party, he stayed home with Bitty (because he had a sunburn from doing yardwork the other day), and I didn't bring a swimsuit to get in the water. Not that I'd be a good swim teacher, I can swim but I basically taught myself so my technique is pretty much whatever it takes to keep from sinking, not really good swimming skills (lol).

Here are some pictures (Cuddlebug in red, Bearhug in blue):

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to everyone with the new schedules and changes! =)


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