Friday, August 28, 2009

"Molly was sad"

I recently found myself sitting with Bitty next to a little baby, who was sitting on his grandmother’s lap. Bitty surprised me by taking a mild interest in the baby – typically he doesn’t show much (if any) interest in other children (other than his brothers). At one point, the baby started to fuss a little. Bitty took notice, and looked back and forth from the baby, to his grandmother, to me, with a curious expression.

He looked at me with a mock-sad face and said, “Mah-ee wa’ sad.”

Translation, “Molly was sad,” a line quoted from one of the Thomas stories. Then he imitated the sound of the baby’s fussing (he likes to imitate both words and sounds), looking at me.

I was a little worried that the grandmother might be offended by Bitty imitating her grandchild, but if she noticed she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she didn’t realize that’s what he was doing, more likely she was too busy taking care of the baby to even notice. :)

For my part, I was impressed that Bitty was showing an interest in other children and that he noticed and correctly interpreted the baby’s fussing. Yay, Bitty!

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K on August 29, 2009 at 9:24 AM said...

SO smart he is - did you see the recognize emtions on the Thomas website - wait a minute - you may have been the one that told me about it LOL


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