Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Speech lessons with Cuddlebug...

Tonight Cuddlebug (who is eager for Little Bitty to start talking more) offered to teach LB lots of words, "because I know lots of words." And that he does!

Lesson #1 came when LB was playing in the sink (which he knows he shouldn't be). CB said, ever so politely, "Excuse me 'LB.'" Bitty ignored him of course. CB kept trying, bless his heart. "Excuse me... that means I want you to move... you're in the way... excuse me..."

Then he went into teaching mode and offered this tip, important to know in conversations:
"There's two kinds of excuse me, one is for when you want someone to move out of the way, and the other is for when you burp."

I can't wait to see what language lesson #2 entails...

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I'm a mom of three boys on the autism spectrum, 11-yr-old identical twins and a 7-yr-old. My husband is a SAHD.


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