Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Awesome big brothers!

I just have to brag a little bit about what Cuddlebug and Bearhug did this weekend. They are amazing big brothers and do such a great job helping to take care of Little Bitty.

Saturday morning, BH came into our bedroom looking for a tissue. He said LB had a runny nose, and he wanted to wipe his nose for him.

Later that day, CB told me he'd seen LB running around naked (because he likes to take his pull-ups off) so he went and found a clean pull-up and helped him put it on. He said we were still asleep and he didn't want to disturb us. What a sweetie! I was really impressed, because usually none of our guys have any problem waking us up if we're asleep, no matter how minor the "emergency." I told him I was really proud of him that he helped LB (and us!) by not letting him run around without a pull-up on.

I just thought that was really cool and wanted to share. After all, when someone is willing to wipe your boogies and help you into a clean pull-up, that is true love right there! LB is a lucky man to have such caring big brothers.

Of course, after I told BH how proud I was of him, he seized the opportunity to ask me if he could get any money for wiping LB's nose (since he's been on one of his "looking for extra chores he can do for money" kicks lately). I could tell from his face he didn't really expect any but figured it was worth a try :). I told him no, that's something we do out of love, and after all I never got paid for wiping his and CB's boogies when they were younger :-). LOL


TLC on July 2, 2008 at 3:28 AM said...

Oh that's so funny, wanting money for doing stuff. My son does this..or rather, he will try to get me to "buy" him stuff, whatever the latest obsession is... currently it is a Lego Dwarf Mine Defender from the new Lego catalog...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Send Chocolate, and commenting. Nice to "meet" another mom who understands the uniqueness that comes from dealing with more than one child with autism.

Audrey on July 2, 2008 at 9:27 AM said...

Hi..I found your blog through the mom blogs. What neat stories of the boys helping out and taking care of each other. I'll be by again.

Mom said...

Speaking as a completely unbiased Grandma, all 3 boys are totally awesome!! And their Mama and Dada are, too! (Again, totally unbiased!) I love reading all the stories every day - you're great at telling the stories to make them funny. I love you!


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