Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The playing field... has been levelled

A little background...

BH has always been a little heavier than CB, ever since birth. This was initially due to TTTS, and as they have grown it's just stayed that way, with the initial 1.5 lbs. difference growing to appx. 6 lbs. difference today.

For the boys, this was a big deal. They weighed themselves all the time (well, that started when dh and I went on a health kick) and got excited every time their "number" went up, but CB was continually disappointed when his number (weight) didn't catch up with his brother's. It seemed to be beginning to affect his self-esteem. I even heard him refer to BH as the "big brother" a couple of times. I told him repeatedly, since they are twins, BH is not his "big brother" b/c they are the same age. He insisted that he was the "big brother" because he was bigger. Nevermind the fact that they are the same height (within 1/4").

So one day I wondered out loud, to myself really but so they could hear me, "I'm tired of hearing about the weight thing, maybe I should tell them who was born first." You know, just to even things out :). Obviously the question of who was born first is just as irrelevant as who weighs more, but since they'd attached so much significance to the weight issue it seemed only fair to bring it up. I left it at that.

Well, sure enough a week or so later, CB asked me who was born first. I told him he was, by just 2 minutes. He asked me why and I told him because he was closest to "the door" (funny story, that's another post).

And wouldn't you know, it seems that this little tidbit of knowledge has levelled the playing field, now they each have something "special" and you know, I haven't seen any boys checking their weight or making a big deal about their "numbers" in a while now. The self-esteem issues I was beginning to see with CB have faded away, with no detrimental effect on BH's oodles of confidence.

Score one for Mama!

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