Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A new number

Cuddlebug "made up" a number today. He's pretty intrigued by the idea that you can make something up, and have it become "real." For example, you can make up a song and have it become a real song, or you can make up a word, and it becomes a real word. So, he wanted to make up a number.

He asked me how we let people know so they can start using this number too. I told him I wasn't sure how to do that, but hey, I figure posting it here is as good a way as any, so here goes.

The new number is called a "pillion" and it is the number that comes after "a zillion and 99."

Technically, I suppose you could say that would be "a zillion and 100" but in the event you need to count that high for some reason, you may also refer to it as "a pillion." :-)

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