Saturday, January 1, 2011

A White Christmas

Snow is rare enough around here, but a white Christmas? Almost unheard of, so I didn't get my hopes up when we started to hear weather reports of possible snow on Christmas day.

Around lunchtime it started snowing, but not sticking. I figured that would be as close as we'd get to a white Christmas. But as dusk fell, sure enough the snow started to stick. It was really coming down, so once it started sticking it didn't take long before there was enough to play in.

We bundled up the boys for an evening romp in the snow and headed outside. I had to keep my camera tucked inside my coat because it was still coming down and it was really wet, but I managed to get several pictures. Thanks to the Christmas lights and the streetlight, I was even able to get almost all of them without needing the flash, yay!


Little Bitty - that face says it all :)

Cuddlebug working on a snowball..

...which he blasts Bearhug with

Look out, here comes Bearhug with a large snowball of his own :)

Bearhug tried to preserve a snowball in the garage (I didn't offer the use of the freezer because I knew we'd soon have a freezer full of snow and we don't have that much room in the freezer!)

Cold as the garage is, there was apparently enough warmth coming from the house to turn the snowball into a drying puddle by the next morning :/.

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