Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowmageddon, part 1

(I wonder if my Alaska family is snickering a little that 6 inches of snow could inspire a title like that, hehe. Once you see part 2 though, you'll see why)

This post contains lots of pictures. LOTS.

You have been warned ;).


Day 1

This is the scene we woke up to. Snow day! The boys were excited as you can imagine, although Bitty was confused as he was *just* starting to get back into the routine after the holidays, where he knows which days of the week he has school. So he repeated ALL day long, "No schoo' on Monday. You not go schoo' on Monday. No schoo' today. No work on Monday. Mama not go work today. Work at da house on Monday. No work in da car on Monday."

It was actually still snowing a bit so I asked Bearhug if he wanted to wait until it stopped snowing and then go outside. He answered, "No, Mom, I think it builds character." LOL. He was being serious too (but didn't realize he TOTALLY opened the door for me to use that one on a regular basis now, hehe). So we headed out.

Our sidewalk is under there somewhere... you can barely see those little bushes under all the snow!

Snow deep enough to walk and still not be able to see the grass underneath!

We measured the snow at 6 inches... was over 9 inches in some spots!

Mr. Bitty ready to play in the snow :).

Cuddlebug getting ready for a snowball fight... was Bearhug :)

Cuddlebug figured out you can throw your snowballs further if you fling them with a shovel (yes, we made sure he kept a safe distance from everyone else).

View of the street

Bitty didn't realize you can't ride bikes in the snow. This is as far as he got. After this he decided to go inside, because "my sock hab WET on it!"

And just as I was telling him that, I looked over and saw that Bearhug had tried it too. He discovered that not only can you NOT ride a bike in the snow, but it is hard work trying to roll it in the snow too...

...but he looked really cute with his bike helmet over his hood :).

To be fair, my boys have only seen snow a handful of times in their entire lives, and some of those times there was so little snow that you *could* actually ride your bike if you were so inclined.

Meanwhile Cuddlebug was back to making snowballs.

Hey, wait a minute. I think I see where this is going...


Of course Bearhug thought it was hilarious!


To be continued...

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