Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas train & Christmas morning

We found a "Christmas train" on sale so we decided to get it to put around the bottom of the tree. The boys LOVED it!! Of course, to avoid having it broken too quickly, we told them it would only be out for Christmas. We've put it away with the rest of the decorations and will bring it out again next year. I think it's called the Smoky Express but Bitty kept calling it the "Spunky Express" lol.

There was some dispute about where the caboose should go. Cuddlebug wanted it at the end (which makes sense, right?) but Bitty insisted that it should go in the middle, just like Driver Dan's Story Train (sure enough the middle car in the train from Driver Dan looks a lot like a caboose).

They called a truce and took turns...

...but mostly it stayed in the middle.


By Christmas morning, the train was covered in bows which Bitty had plastered all over it. It was also being driven by lego Bob the Builder (who we found sitting in the back of the engine, right where the engineer should be of course, although unfortunately I didn't get a picture).

Bitty was apparently quite busy under the tree because we had some interesting mix-ups when we realized he had switched the tags on a lot of the presents. So Bearhug would open something that said it was for him, only to find something that was clearly for Bitty, and vice versa. But the boys really don't pay that much attention to that anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

We had a lot of presents in boxes so they wouldn't be able to tell what they were (especially books and Pokemon cards, which are easy to tell by the shape / feel) and I had to laugh when I kept finding unwrapped but unopened boxes in front of me. They'd unwrap it but then instead of opening the box to see what was inside, they'd move on to unwrap the next box, lol. So I went through opening the actual boxes and then showing them what they got.

I have to say, given all the excitement for Christmas morning (and it was *really* cool that Bitty was excited along with his brothers!) I was impressed that they let us sleep until about 8am. My parents are a bit jealous, because my brother and I never let them sleep past about 6am when we were kids, hehe. I have sworn them to secrecy though (wouldn't want the boys to find out about that! lol). ;) Then again, my parents never let us open a present on Christmas Eve so maybe if they had, we would've let them sleep in a little...

Ok, no we wouldn't have :). heehee

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