Monday, June 23, 2008

The case of the misplaced slippers

Cuddlebug and Bearhug were asked to clean up their rooms today, so while BH cleaned up the playroom, CB cleaned their bedroom. As I went into the bedroom to hang up their clothes, CB said to me, "Mama, did you put these slippers on the bed?" in a stern voice, pointing to his Thomas slippers. I responded that I hadn't, since I'd been busy doing laundry.

"Well," he said ominously, "I hope whoever did it is ashamed of themselves!" Stifling a laugh, I told him I'm sure they are. "No, I don't think they are!" was his reply. At this point, an unsuspecting BH walked in and was met with CB the interrogator. "Did YOU put these slippers on the bed?"

BH apparently knows that tone, so even though no one else was around to have done it he said "uh... no." CB ignored him and said accusingly, "You knew I was going to wear them!"

I was still in the closet trying SO hard not to laugh. How could BH have known that unless CB told him? Why would it matter? Can't he still put them on just as easily? Is a pair of slippers moved 4 feet to the bed really worth all this 3rd degree stuff?

After that he finally let it go and just put his Thomas slippers on. Luckily BH is pretty easy-going most of the time so he blew it off. :)

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