Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet the Family

This is my husband of 15 years, he's an awesome guy and a great dad to our 3 boys. He has been a full time SAHD since our twins were 6 weeks old. His background is in teaching & coaching (football) so he has lots of creative ideas for keeping the boys active and learning. He loves college football (can you say fanatic??) and keeps track of pretty much all the teams and players starting with spring practice, lol. He also enjoys playing strategy-type games on the computer, as well as wii games. He's the resident expert when the boys need help with their games (because coming to me is like asking Bitty for advice when it comes to video games!)

Before we had kids, we went to lots of movies and college football games. We had ferrets - starting with two girls, Jasmine & Mittens. When Jasmine passed away, we adopted Chloe, a cute ferret who turned out to be a boy! We kept his name, because he seemed to know it. We no longer have ferrets, and these days we don't get out much, but we still get to watch movies thanks to Blockbuster and we both enjoy reading so we take turns reading the same books.

As for me, aside from hanging out with my family I enjoy blogging, reading, watching movies and playing guitar hero :). Some books I've read recently that I enjoyed are: World War Z by Max Brooks, Duma Key by Stephen King, The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks, and The Patriot by Brad Thor. I've read all of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and those are my all-time favorites. Dh bought The Gunslinger (1st book in the Dark Tower series), and I was bored one day so I picked it up and read it, and I was hooked. At the time, only books 1-4 had been written, so both dh and I had to wait (impatiently!) for books 5-7 to be published. As for movies, I love sci fi and action movies - if it has cool special effects, lots of pyrotechnics, and maybe some combination of martial arts, time travel or space travel involved, I'm there :). Or zombies. Dh has gotten me hooked on zombie movies, lol.

Cuddlebug is 7 yrs old and is great at reading and math. His favorite books include Nate the Great mysteries and Henry & Mudge adventures. He also loves science and is very curious about everything. He often asks me questions I hadn't thought of before, so we research them together. He also loves to express his creative side by writing stories, drawing pictures, and designing and building railroad and race tracks.

Bearhug is 7 yrs old, he and Cuddlebug are identical twins. He loves numbers and is a math whiz. Ask him about chicken nugget math, that's how he learned division. He also loves reading and playing video games. His favorite are racing games, whether on nintendo wii, nintendo ds, or the computer. He's quite good at them, and has even been seen racing both players at the same time in a 2-player game on the computer.

Little Bitty is the "baby" of the family at almost 3 1/2 yrs old. He is great at puzzles and has been able to do the 24-36 piece puzzles since age 2. He loves ducks and trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine. He also loves DVD's, not so much watching them but carrying around a stack of them that he can flip through and line up :). Lately he has taken an interest in coloring with color wonder markers, he is not a big fan of crayons.

Orion joined our family as a kitten when Bitty was almost a year old. He is really good with the boys. He doesn't like cat toys much, but he loves lids (bottle lids, etc.) and straws, and he stalks around the kitchen in hopes that someone will drop one. Other than that, he is arguably the most lazy cat in the universe. I swear whenever I see him he is just sleeping, and all he does is move from one spot to another to make it look like he did something in between.

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Anonymous said...

Morning, lonestar.
I linked EA into my post today. If you click on the photo, you can see that the book is Captain Underpants.


Kate on December 11, 2010 at 6:57 PM said...

Here I am...still stalking you. I was just trying to explain to my husband what I found on your site. I went through professional development to raise awareness of Autism and the guy who gave it said the divorce rate for parents who have an Autistic child is 80%. Still trying to figure out how you do it!!


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