Monday, May 19, 2008

End of the school year

Cuddlebug and Bearhug had their end of year party at school this past Friday. I took the afternoon off from work so dh and I could go. In Bearhug's class, each of the kids got up and read one of their stories. Bearhug read a story he wrote about our trip to Texas.

I had to leave his class a little early to get to Cuddlebug's party (which start 30 min later). His teacher handed out their completion certificates with a special note to teach of the kids. Cuddlebug's said "thanks for the Friday hugs," she explained that he gives good hugs but will only give her a hug on Fridays.

School is actually not out until Wednesday, this is the first time they've had their end of yr party when the school year isn't actually quite over. Hard to believe they are already almost done w/ 1st grade.

Little Bitty's end of year party is Wednesday afternoon. It will be fairly low key - bubbles and sidewalk chalk :). I'm taking the afternoon off for that one too. Wednesday evening Cuddlebug's class is having a cookout for the families so we'll be going to that. Looking forward to it!


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