Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spring break

From April... we did our annual road trip to visit the grandparents :).


Cuddlebug and Bitty took turns pulling each other in the wheelbarrow...

Bitty got quite a workout

More "heavy work," Bitty had fun loading and unloading the wagon with firewood.

At the park... traffic jam on the slide :)

Bitty asked me to take this picture, he loved the "triangles."

When you don't have water balloons on hand, you have to improvise... (yep, that's a plastic shopping bag filled with water. pretty sure it would qualify as a "redneck water balloon" haha)


I love his expression in this one, he loves to jump in the water :)

Taken at the zoo... Cuddlebug stretching to give Bearhug "rabbit ears" LOL

Bearhug wasted no time returning the "favor" :)

Why walk when Grandma will give you a ride?

Highlight of the zoo - feeding the ducks and catfish...

...and themselves :) (hey, we have to make sure it tastes good, right?)

He looks so calm here, you'd never know that just a few minutes earlier he was in stubborn / bossy mode insisting that we not stop at the park and then when we did, trying to get a guy nearby to stop flying his kite. Luckily it was windy and we were far enough that that the guy couldn't hear him yelling, "you DONE fwying dat kite?! You aww-done! No more kite, aww-done wif dat KITE!" (not sure why he didn't like the kite). Finally he decided to swing and he loves that so it helped him relax :).

A little sprinkler fun in the driveway

And bowling... Bitty insisted on filling the entire area with bowling balls, even though we obviously didn't need that many.

Yes, that's tape on Cuddlebug's brand-new glasses, they broke while we were out of town and couldn't be repaired so we had to improvise until we got home and could get them replaced.

Bearhug made some great shots!

It was a fun and busy week! We spent a lot of time just hanging out playing in the yard, and otherwise went to mostly places that are already familiar to the boys. The bowling place was new, but was pretty much empty so that helped :). They had a laser-tag game there too that I played with Bearhug and Cuddlebug (they totally beat me, of course). It was lots of fun, and great family time :).

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