Saturday, July 16, 2011


A while back I posted about how Bitty gave himself the nickname "Spunk."

Well, soon after that, he decided his new nickname would be "Kirby."

As in, this guy:

From this game:

What could be better for a guy who loved pink and video games?

So for months his nickname has been Kirby. Until just recently.

He woke me up one Saturday morning, waving his pink pinewood derby car in front of my face.

"I don' WANT da pink one, I wan'da RED one. Pink iss not my fay-brit cuh-wer. My fay-brit cuh-wer iss RREEEDDD!!!!!"

And on and on. I rolled over and told him to go ask Cuddlebug if he could play with his (red) car.

This was about the same time he started reading Olivia.

"Oh-wivia's fay-brit cuh-wer iss RED!"

He tried to get me to start calling him "Olivia" instead of "Kirby."


That's where I draw. the. line.

I refused. He eventually gave up and let me call him by his real name for once.

The other day he called himself Kirby again.

I'm loving this continually expanding pretend play thing he's got going on, I really am. But some days I can't keep up! ;)

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