Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memorial Day weekend - swimming!

We visited my SIL for Memorial Day weekend, and they have a pool so that is pretty much where the boys wanted to spend all their time. They LOVE the water, and as Barbara has noted, pool time is therapeutic. After repeated field testing of this hypothesis, my boys concur :).

Look at those smiles!!

Last year, Bitty didn't venture past the steps at the edge of the pool. This year, he got brave and did more exploring :).

He even let dh give him a ride, swimming all around the pool!

Cuddlebug and Bearhug practiced their swimming skills - they continue to improve! If you can't tell them apart, Bearhug is wearing blue swim trunks, Cuddlebug red.

They also had fun playing with the huge inner-tube :).

Little Bitty had a smaller floatie. At first, he wasn't interested because it was a turtle, but after much discussion I was able to convince him it was actually a green duck (ducks, after all, are one of his favorite animals!). :)

Looking forward to next time!


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