Thursday, February 17, 2011

IEP's are done

Since January, we've had three teacher conferences, one re-eval meeting (every three years to determine if still eligible for special education services), and three IEP meetings. Usually we are able to space them out a bit more, but it just worked out that way this year I guess.

Today was our last IEP meeting, for Bitty. He's doing well and it was nice to be able to take that time to look at how far he's come since we set his goals last year. He still has significant delays, especially in communication skills (and everything that is dependent on communication skills), but he is making tremendous progress.

A few highlights:
- he's working on being able to answer "wh-" questions (what, who, where). Once he's doing better with those, we'll work on why, when, and how.

- he excels at reading (we knew that!) and is currently reading at almost a 3rd grade level (he's hyperlexic). He understands what he reads for the most part, and very much prefers to read informational books of facts and figures. He's not much on reading fictional stories, he can understand the words but doesn't necessarily follow the plot without a little help.

- his progress was most evident in the area of fine motor skills. One of his fine motor goals from last year was to be able to draw basic shapes: rectangle, square, and triangle. We didn't even include circle in the goal because he was still really struggling to just make lines in the correct formation to make basic shapes, much less curves. The triangle was considered a bit of a "stretch" because he wasn't yet able to do diagonal lines. This year, he has more than mastered that and his current fine motor goals revolve around helping him use appropriate size for his letters (not quite so big), pencil grip, and scissors grasp.


The IEP meetings for Cuddlebug and Bearhug last month also went well. They both continue to do well in class and are making consistent progress with their IEP goals. It's hard to believe that next year at this time we'll be looking at transition to middle school. Middle school?! I was glad to hear that there is an ASD program in the middle school that is similar to the one they are in now.

In the meantime, I'm really glad they have one more year of elementary school left! That's also one more year of all three boys going to the same school, which is nice :).

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