Monday, January 4, 2010

You and I

It is feast or famine around here, huh? Weeks of little to no posting and now, with a few days off around the holidays, I have time to write and post pictures :).

I think I will schedule some posts to kind of space them out a bit (I do that sometimes, so if you see new posts but no comments or visits from me for a few days that is why), but I really want to get all of this down before I forget because my memory is not so great (the boys definitely get theirs from dh, not me).

I took today off from work so I could spend the boys' last day of vacation with them, but tomorrow it is back to the usual routine of school and work. I know dh is looking forward to it ;).

Anyway, so a little backdrop - I've posted a lot about echolalia and Bitty's slow progress with learning to speak by repeating what we say.

This means he speaks with his "you" and "I / me" pronouns reversed.

"Yoo-wah chwocka miwk?" means "I want chocolate milk."
"Why yoo cwy-een?" means he's upset and looking for some comforting.
And so on.

We've been trying to work on it, modeling what it should sound like but so far with no luck. Until this morning, that is.

Out of the blue, Bitty told me, "Ah nee hep!" (I need help, said in his cute southern drawl).

Not "yoo nee hep?"
Not "yoo nee-ta-put yoh undu-wea-uh on?"

He actually spoke in the first person as he held out his Thomas underwear to me. He can put them on himself, but if they're inside out from the laundry he needs help to straighten them out first, which was the case this morning.

I asked dh (who was still in bed but might have been awake enough to hear) excitedly if he heard that. He mumbled, and Bitty told me, "Da-ee's sweepee."

Yeah, I know he's sleeping :) (how sweet, not to mention observant of Bitty) But that was too cool not to share!

As with most things, it's not like he's just made the switch to speaking in the first person all the time. Just now he told me, "yoo cween-up da daw-ter sooss" which was meant to tell me that he just cleaned up his Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat game).

But now that he's used the term "I" instead of "you" appropriately once, I know we'll see it again sooner or later. :)

As another aside (just one of those random things I don't want to forget) he's pronouncing Dr. Seuss correctly now but first read it as, "Dr. Sauce" lol :).

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Anonymous said...

that is GREAT!!! this is such a big step and you will surely hear it again soon! it's fun for me to imagine him saying "ah nee hep" in his southern drawl!

Meg on January 4, 2010 at 9:43 PM said...

Oh I remember when George started using first person! His therapist asked him if he had enjoyed the fair and he said, "Yes, I enjoyed the fair!" She and I about fell out of our chairs!

Go Bitty, go!! I've so enjoyed reading about his speech patterns, they're taking me down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! We're STILL working on that, but it's sounds SO GOOD when it comes out correctly, doesn't it! =D Yay, Bitty!

Patty O. on January 5, 2010 at 10:45 PM said...

That is so awesome. We have had similar difficulty with Danny and "he" and "she." He is always mixing them up.

lonestar on January 6, 2010 at 8:43 AM said...

@rhemashope - thanks, lol :)

@Meg - funny how they just surprise us out of the blue sometimes, huh? Love the story about the fair, how cool!

@Julie - it does, really took me by surprise as I'm so used to hearing him say it the other way :).

@Patty - Cuddlebug and Bearhug did that for a long time too!

Anonymous said...

Cheering over here! Very exciting progress!

I will have to keep up with your posts. (Don't do readers.)



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