Sunday, January 3, 2010

Window to Bitty's day

If we ask Bitty directly, "What did you do at school today?" or "Did you have a good day at school?" we are likely to get a repeat of the question in response. "Skoo today." or "goo day skoo." (I generally assume that last one is an affirmative response, but I could be wrong).

However, he has started to give us much more detail in his own way. The "tape recorder version" as I have come to think of it, because it's kind of like having a tape recorder in the classroom and listening to it later.

Out of the blue, and talking to no one in particular, he'll talk as he plays.

"Wittle dots, 'Bitty,' dass too much gwoo. Wittle dots."
"Dih I say wun? No wunning, you nee to walk."
"Don' tuh-uch, dass foh teachers!"
"Housekeepee! Iss time foh housekeepee."
"'Bitty' yoo iss be da door hoh-der."
"You nee to caln down, 'Bitty,' iss tine to caln down."

All said in his best teacher voice. The one-liners are what I can remember, but he often goes on to relay extended conversations, activity instructions, and so on. He repeats what his teachers say to his classmates also. Months later he still says, "uh-oh, 'J' iss wet." I have no idea if it was a bathroom accident or spill or what, but poor 'J' is never going to live that one down with Bitty repeating that over and over for months on end... (sigh).

I love to just sit and listen to him. Sometimes if he pauses, I might ask him about it.

"What did you glue today?"
"You were the door-holder today? How fun!" (he loves to be the door holder)

Maybe he does the same thing at school? (repeats conversations he heard at home). Sometimes he puts on his best "Mama" voice and I hear an echo of myself.

"No scweemee, 'Bitty,' dah hurss my ears."

I told him that ONCE when he screamed right into my ear (I was holding him at the time) and now he screeches just so he can cover his ears and repeat it over and over.

I'm amazed at the level of detail he can remember. He once spent about 20 minutes repeating every detail of a group activity his class had done, including who was assigned to which groups (listing all the names and telling them which teacher to go see).

For whatever reason, he doesn't seem to repeat what the kids in his class say, just the teachers. He does pick up on what the teachers say to his classmates though, not just what they say to him. (So we know all about who's been running in the hallways or touching things that are "for teachers," lol).

What's more is that sometimes he takes it a step further, not just repeating the words but actually acting out the "scenario." For example, running a few steps and then coming to an abrupt halt as he tells himself, "I seh no wunning!"

It's great to see him not only practicing his words, but pretend-play skills too :). I am so proud of him!

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MommyToTwoBoys on January 4, 2010 at 10:57 AM said...

I am so happy he is telling more. You know I hated when Jaylen couldn't tell me more about his day. That is how it started for us too. The best was the statements like "We watched an video and Ms. Elaine said shhh" while he put his fingers to his lips.

Go for it Bitty! Tell us what's on your mind!

Anonymous said...

Not my area of expertise but my opinion is his talking is a good thing - on the way to more and better communication.

I love the way you write his pronunciation - so clear what he is saying and at the same time I can imagine how he says it.

I think you and I exchanged comments on this before, but has his hearing been tested? You have said his articulation problems are in part oral weakness, but I always inquire about hearing, too.

Anonymous said...

My son does this too. He talks about diffent things the teachers say, but never when I ask him. He is usually playing with toys or a game on the computer when he just talks and talks.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Some of those lines totally crack me up! Hope his teachers know anything they say might get repeated!

lonestar on January 5, 2010 at 7:53 AM said...

@MommyToTwoBoys - how cute, I like the "shhh" :)

@Barbara - yes, we had to get his hearing tested before he could even be evaluated for speech therapy (which makes sense). They were only able to do very basic testing because he wasn't being very cooperative, but the results showed his hearing was ok.

@mykidsarefun - it's nice to just sit and listen when they do that, huh?

@rhemashope - I know, lol :)

Anonymous said...

=) Thanks for sharing the peek into his day! I loved this story.


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