Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Cuddlebug: "You know what my problem is?"
Me: "you have a problem?"
CB: "yeah, I can't find my DS charger." (for his Nintendo DS)
Me: "isn't it supposed to be in your DS case?"
CB: "Some FOOL took it out!!"

I actually burst out laughing at that one, the way he says things cracks me up :).


Whenever I take Bitty to the bathroom (in public) he comments on the sign that says, "Women" (which he pronounces "woh-men"). I have repeatedly made a point to tell him that with me, he goes into the "woh-men" bathroom even though he's a boy, because I can't to into the "men" one, and that with dh or his brothers he can go into the "men" bathroom. I want him to understand that boys use the "men" one so when he's old enough to go by himself he won't just keep going into the "women" one out of habit.

We recently took the boys to a barbecue place where the doors said "Cowboys" and "Cowgirls" in addition to smaller signs saying "Men" and "Women." Dh took Bitty to the restroom and I could hear him shouting loudly, "Not da COWBOOOYS!! I WANNA BE A COWGIIIIRL!!!" (translation: "I see the 'women' sign over there and I want to go in there"). I wish I could have seen dh's face, hehe.

What's funny is that now whenever I take him to the bathroom he says, "woh-men... cowgirls." lol of course no one else has a clue what he's talking about it but it cracks me up every time :).


We were out and about on Saturday and Cuddlebug told me, "Hey Mom, didja know I have a fake name."

me: Really?
CB: yeah, it's Sparky.
me (stifling a grin): Sparky, huh?

Bearhug: I have a fake name too! It's 'Bearhug' (not actually 'Bearhug' but his real name). It's the same as my real name.
me: that should make it easy to remember. (lol, he loves his name)

Cuddlebug: yeah, so whenever we're in public, you should call me by my fake name.
me: ok.... why?
CB: because you never know when someone might try to steal your name.
me: you mean, like identity theft?
me: oh, ok. I'll try to remember that.


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