Saturday, November 20, 2010

Battle of the pants

A cold front came in a couple of weeks ago, bringing with it the annual "battle of the pants."

It is the daily struggle to convince a certain boy that shorts are not appropriate for 30-40 degree weather and that coats are highly recommended for such weather conditions, especially when one insists on short-sleeved shirts. ack.

At least the resident 9-yr-olds keep any complaints to a minimum as long as I quantify it for them:

NOT effective: "dress warm, it's cold outside."

Effective: "wear pants, it's 43 degrees outside."

As for Bitty, there is no logical argument that will work, so we go for distraction and bribes as we attempt to get pants on without prompting a full-on meltdown and then get him out the door before he has a chance to pull his pants off and go running in search of shorts.

Easier said than done. He's fast.

Most days we manage to get the pants on, but the coat... we're still working on that. We mostly have to settle for making him carry it or stuffing it in his backpack.

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