Thursday, November 4, 2010

First trick-or-treat :)

First for Bitty, that is.

[Warning: this post contains images of extreme cuteness]

Cuddlebug and Bearhug were anxiously awaiting sunset, since we told them they had to wait until it was at least getting dark to go trick-or-treating. They weren't much into costumes this year. I kind of suspect they wanted the black capes (which I made for them, pretty easy compared to Bitty's costume) just to play "stick-battles" more so than specifically for Halloween, but the holiday just gave them a convenient excuse to ask for capes :).

Bitty was oblivious. He couldn't have cared less about Halloween or trick-or-treating (as usual).

Then the boys saw some other kids starting to trick-or-treat - in broad daylight! - and we couldn't very well keep them in at that point so we relented on our "wait til it's dark" and let them go put on their capes and head out. They joined some of our neighbors and their parents and were already way down the street by the time Bitty and I got outside.

Bitty perked up when he saw his brothers running outside excitedly. I asked if he wanted to put on his costume and go trick-or-treating too. I may have mentioned that there could be "M's" on the trick-or-treat trail (he loves M&Ms).

To my surprise and delight, he said "yes" :)

So we got him dressed up and headed out. At first he didn't want to wear the hood, but I asked him to just wear it long enough for a picture (which he agreed to) and then he ended up leaving it on :).

We started off at our neighbor's house. Bitty knocked and rang the doorbell 5-6 times. After that I reminded him at each house "just once!"

When she didn't answer right away Bitty just opened the door and tried to walk in. (I'm glad we started with someone we knew, it was a good "practice" so we could work on proper trick-or-treat etiquette).

She offered him the bowl to look through, and he dug around looking for M&M's. When he couldn't find any, he turned to leave with no candy. She talked him into taking some Starburst.

Before going to any other houses, I took him home to have dh put some M&M's in his bag. I figured if he knew he already had some "M's" he might be more willing to take whatever kind of candy the other houses had. It worked (yay!)

After that, we headed out again.

He got the hang of knocking once and waiting patiently.

He kept saying "trick or treat!" to me as soon as he knocked or rang the doorbell instead of waiting for them to open the door, so I'd have to remind him to say it again (to the person answering, not to me), lol.

We passed a house with a "vomiting" jack-o-lantern which I thought was funny so I took a picture of it. Heh :).

After about 5 or 6 houses, Bitty was ready to go back home. He's not that much into candy so I guess he figured he had enough :). We caught up with Cuddlebug and Bearhug, who arrived back from visiting the whole neighborhood at about the same time.

Just because he was done trick-or-treating, Bitty wasn't ready to go inside. He took his scooter for a little spin before it got dark.

And then we went inside to check out the candy.


I carved the pumpkin for the first time this year (usually dh does it but he was busy looking for Halloween decorations). Not too bad if I do say so myself ;). I can't take all the credit though, Bearhug and Cuddlebug designed it. They each drew me a series of designs to choose from, so I used the eyes from one of Bearhug's designs and the mouth from one of Cuddlebug's designs. That super-original triangle nose was my contribution, lol.

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