Monday, November 22, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Thankful

From Bearhug:

I know what you're thinking, I had the same question.
Bearhug smiled when I asked him. "Yeah, they're so cute!"
me: "ummm... you mean girls?"
(confused expression)
me: "you mean baby chickens?"
(the smile is back)
(whew, what a relief! I'm so not ready for that!)

From Cuddlebug:

He really liked that pumpkin bread. He's right about the Kit Kats too, hehe ;).

I love his poems. Love'm. :)

From Little Bitty:

(please excuse the color quality, I had to play with the settings to get his drawing to show up as it was done in light pink).

I think I may be the bald one, since I'm a little shorter than dh. :)

His handwriting is amazing. A year ago he couldn't write at all. When school ended last spring, he could barely write his name, but anyone outside of his family and teachers wouldn't have recognized it. And now he's not only writing but his latest milestone is he can do both upper and lower case letters. Go Bitty!

For more Magic Marker Monday, visit 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

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