Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring break pictures

I know... I'm a bit slow getting these posted but here are some pictures from spring break:

Cuddlebug is the one wearing a hat (as usual) :)

Little Bitty carried cranky pretty much wherever he went that week. His little pockets are full of trains too :).

I love Bearhug's thoughtful expression.

Little dude SOOO needs a haircut

After the much-needed haircut :)

Aggravating big brother (who was too into his game to care)

Checking out the fountain

Have a great weekend!

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Mel on May 1, 2009 at 10:11 AM said...

love these photos!!!!

Patty O. on May 1, 2009 at 6:08 PM said...

These are great. Wow, you guys are serious about haircuts in your house. Do the boys mind the clippers? My son hates them, which is frustrating, because I am not so good using scissors. I would take him to a salon, but I really doubt he would let a stranger cut his hair. So, his haircut is a little choppy.

Anonymous said...

The twins looked so big in that last photo. Maybe it's the haircuts?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun walk! We can't do clippers at our house. I'm so happy Daniel has sort of curly hides my mistakes! I loved the part about pockets full of trains!!! =D

lonestar on May 6, 2009 at 10:02 PM said...

@Patty - Bitty despises the clippers but he would not sit still for scissors so it wouldn't be safe... I doubt he'd let a stranger do his hair either. Cuddlebug and Bearhug used to hate the clippers but now they tolerate them as long as we go slow. We tried not cutting it as short thinking that might be easier for them but it didn't seem to make a difference and just meant they needed a haircut again sooner, so now we cut it really short b/c it means more time we can wait until the next one!

@Julie - I think Daniel's hair looks great! Our boys have very thick, straight hair that sticks straight out (and up) as it grows. We've tried letting it grow a bit and it still didn't start to lay flat, not sure at what point it would because we couldn't let it go any longer. When they are old enough to sit and let someone else cut their hair they can do a different style if they want, but honestly for now I'd be almost as nervous getting scissors near their hair (because they are known to make sudden movements) so it's the clippers for them too for now :).


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