Sunday, September 25, 2011

(Almost) two months down...

So we are well into the school year, and it is almost time for teacher conferences (already!) and I am just now posting an update. Ack! My blog is also a journal for me so I'll try to catch up with the highlights. Apologies in advance if any of this is repeat, I didn't see it already posted but can't remember and may have missed it.

So far things are going pretty well. Cuddlebug and Bearhug are enjoying 5th grade and are excited to have the same teacher that Cuddlebug had in 3rd grade. She's really energetic and does a great job at keeping them engaged. They have the same resource teacher and parapros as last year, which I'm glad because they are all awesome with the boys and the continuity is good for them too. Their resource teacher is working very hard (starting last year actually) at helping to prepare them for the transition to middle school.

Although they complain of being bored sometimes, other times they are definitely feeling challenged (and sometimes I think it is not so much boredom as it is the transition to having less free time than they did during the summer). The pace seems to be faster in 5th grade. So far they are handling it well, which is good because I have a feeling it is only going to be more so as they go into middle school next year. They are each in one accelerated class - Bearhug is in accelerated math (same as last year) and Cuddlebug is in accelerated science. They've been studying and working hard, and I'm really proud of them.

Bitty is doing well in 1st grade. He has the same teacher that Cuddlebug had in 2nd grade, she is really nice and has a firm but calm, patient approach which is a great fit for Bitty. He has a new resource teacher this year and we are really happy with her. She does a great job sending daily feedback home so we know how he's doing and where he may be struggling. He had a rough time this past week as they were doing some standardized testing for part of the day on M-W and I think it threw off his routine. He seemed to be doing a little bit better by Friday, so hopefully this coming week will be better. His teacher did say he wasn't being disruptive, which is good, just that he was really having a hard time staying on task and seemed confused about what he should be doing.

The weather is finally starting to cool off a bit and we are loving the chance to spend time outside without feeling like we're going to melt, lol. We got excited about fall and have already made two pumpkin farm trips - last weekend and this weekend. I know it's early, but it was really fun and we'll go back as it gets closer to Halloween to get a bigger pumpkin for carving. :) In the meantime we got some hay and fall decorations to go with the pumpkins on the front porch, the leaves are starting to change colors, and it is definitely looking like FALL around here :). At the moment the house is quiet (shock!), if it stays that way for a little while I may be able to get some pictures up shortly...

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