Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shred much?

Some of Bearhug's handiwork:

That used to be a plastic bag.

He just has the urge to shred sometimes. For the most part, we let him as long as it's something we don't need or can easily replace and he has to clean up the mess. In this case he was pacing around the house looking for something to shred and I suggested the bag because we have a ton of them.

That same evening, I also found this in the kitchen:

We've talked about not picking at cups from the bottom because it makes a hole and ends up leaking. Found that out the hard way when he did that in the car not too long ago. This one wasn't quite to that point yet... but still. There was a separate almost-hole at the top too, so maybe he remembered to pick at the top after he got started?

We find things shredded or picked at fairly often. Bar soap (we put liquid soap in their bathroom now), candles, paper towels, food, you name it.

Do your kids feel the urge to tear, shred, or pick at things? What have you found to be acceptable options or alternatives?

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