Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep arguing, and other quotes

We were watching a western movie on tv and dh told the boys, "back in the old west, they used to settle their arguments with gunfights."

Cuddlebug thought about that for a second and then replied, "they should have just kept arguing."

lol :)


I told dh he's hot and Bearhug (who is forever eavesdropping and inserting himself into conversations) jumped in with, "yeah, Dad, you look sweaty!"

Not exactly what I meant. ;) lol

(and in dh's defense, he didn't look sweaty at all, we were in the car with the a/c on)


Bitty is obsessed with fireworks (mainly the avoidance of them) and constantly reminding me that it's not July, we're not going to fireworks on the 4th of July, and New Year's is over.

Yep. Got it. Can't argue with any of that and in order to ease his anxiety, I have already promised that we will stay home on the 4th of July. What I haven't mentioned yet though, is that dh and our neighbors will probably be putting on their own fireworks display right out in the street. Yeah, I'm going to save that conversation for another day.

Anyway, so during one of these conversations, Bitty told me "fireworks live in the night." He was reassuring himself that, being daytime, he had no need to be concerned about fireworks. Another time he told me, "fireworks live in space."

I just think it's cute the way he words it :).

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