Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bitty's latest creative outlet

It all started when I tried to get creative in convincing Bitty it was time to stop chasing the neighbor's cat and come home. I was trying to get him to come willingly and avoid a wrestling match.

I had taken a picture of said cat just a couple of weeks earlier, so I asked Bitty if he wanted to see a picture of "White Socks." I didn't really think he'd jump at the chance to come look at a picture of the cat when he had the real thing right there in front of him, but it was worth a shot. To my surprise, his eyes lit up. "Yes!" he exclaimed, and took my hand to go see the picture.

He was thrilled, and wanted to print it out to paste into his journal (that's another post). Then he asked to take pictures of some of his trains and cards. And then he wanted to print those out too. And he was hooked.

He wanted me to take pictures of various scenes and toys from his Baby Einstein videos. First 7, then 17, then I lost count. I started printing them out smaller in an effort to conserve paper, and then he discovered photo paper.

Every day when I got home from work, he greeted me with, "you take pictures?" We were taking over 100 pictures a day.

(this is just a few)

He cuts them all out (great fine motor exercise!), but instead of pasting them into his journal, he started making his own "timelines" (construction paper booklets) to put his pictures in.

I started letting him use my old camera so he could take some pictures on his own. He loves that :).

We ran out of glue sticks.

We ran out of tape.

So he started using staples (or more accurately, he started having me staple his pictures into his books). He was very particular about which ones should go where. When we finished all of our current pictures if we had space left, he'd start pulling pictures out of his previous books to put them into his new book. On Saturday he wanted me to un-staple all the pictures so he could stack them up (I don't know why). We ended up with a desk full of little stacks of pictures, sort of what you might expect a Baby Einstein stalker's desk to look like (haha).

We ran out of photo paper and he started printing on construction paper.

Then we ran out of yellow ink (not sure why that one ran out before the others) and apparently the printer refuses to print if any one of the cartridges is completely empty.

So his photo books are on hold at the moment. He is not happy about this, but after the first day of screaming to fix the printer because "I WANT TO PRRRIIIIINNNTTTT!!!!" he has come to accept that it's not possible until we get more ink.

I've been taking my time on that, hoping he might move on to something else in the meantime. But he asks every day if we have ink yet so we finally ordered some. I need to get some more paper too...

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