Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Bitty!

Where does the time go?

Six years ago we welcomed our precious Baby Bitty into the world. I wrote this in my journal when he was about a week and a half old:

"Last night I was holding Bitty and just gazing into his beautiful eyes... I'm so grateful for Bitty and I love him so much, I can't imagine not having him with us."

Little Bitty's arrival also meant a new role for Cuddlebug and Bearhug as big brothers. Another journal excerpt from shortly after Bitty was born:

"Cuddlebug and Bearhug are excited about their new baby brother, who they each refer to as "my baby." They've also learned how to spell his name (they recently learned to spell their own and each other's names).

They've been incredibly helpful and love to do things for their little brother, although they are less than impressed with his diapers. Bearhug described Bitty's poopy diapers as "grossy-gross." Now that he is real to them they've become much more curious also. The day after we came home from the hospital, Cuddlebug told me my tummy was small and asked me "the baby's not in your tummy anymore?" When I confirmed that he's out of my tummy now, he asked "where's the door?" and proceeded to lift my shirt and look for a "door." It makes sense, he had to get out of there somehow ;).

Bitty enjoys being with his older brothers also, when he is awake he likes to watch them play and he loves when they talk to him. He can sleep through anything so their continual noise level doesn't bother him. Probably because he's been sleeping through it for months already."


Little Bitty - I love you so much and am so blessed to be your Mama! Your beautiful smile and your sweet giggling laughter warm my heart. As you get older and interact more with people outside of our family, I see that people are drawn to you and I love how you bring joy to others just by being you. Happy birthday, angel. I love you!


I'm about a month late in getting these posted, but here are some pictures from Bitty's birthday celebration. Since he had school that day, we sent in some Thomas cupcakes for the class (I didn't get a picture of those, sorry). He didn't seem interested in having a party with friends, so we celebrated as a family after school.

Actually the celebration started the Saturday before his birthday, when we picked up his main present:

Honestly, with three train-obsessed boys I'm really not sure how we managed to go this long without getting a train table. I guess because we didn't have room before but we've recently cleared out some space. Needless to say, Bitty LOVED it and was so excited to play with it. His brothers had fun with it also :).

So back to the actual day of his birthday... Here he is reading his birthday card from Grandma. He had a few left-over cupcakes that he brought home, which is the source of the frosting on his face there :).

We took the family to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner and fun.

His birthday cake was waiting for us at home. It's not the first Thomas cake he's had, and may not be the last either ;).

Happy birthday, baby!!

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