Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas cards!

I have seen these on a couple of my friends' blogs and they are super cute.

So when I saw that Shutterfly was offering free cards to bloggers for spreading the word, I had to go check it out! (and barely made the deadline, eek)

I'm still trying to decide which is harder - choosing from the huge selection of cards or getting my three rowdy boys to sit together long enough for me to snap a current picture (or a few) to actually put ON the card.

So here we go...

Step 1: scope out the options. There is no shortage of possibilities over there - they have folded cards and flat ones, cards that include one photo or 6+... you know, in case you can't decide which photo to include ;).

Step 2: obtain Christmas-card-quality photo of the above-mentioned hyperactive boys. I have no shortage of photos of my sweet and handsome guys, but photos of the three of them *together* in the same shot - that's something of a rarity. The three of them together, with all three actually looking in the general direction of the camera with a reasonably pleasant expression... I can probably count those on one hand. With fingers to spare.

The majority of attempts look like this:

Or this:

Oh who am I kidding? Even getting two of them together is an adventure, lol:

But hey, did I mention you can put over six photos on one card? So lacking a photo of all boys together is NOT a deal-breaker! I can just include individual photos, woohoo :).

Step 3: narrow down the choices and make the final selection. Yikes!

I'm still working on it. And hoping I can wrap it up in time to get the cards out before Christmas. But hey, getting Christmas cards in January is great too, right? I mean, that might make them stand out amid the crowd of December-arriving cards. Ok, maybe not so much...

They have some great deals going on right now and there's still time to have your order arrive before Christmas. I should warn you, when you go to check out the cool holiday cards, you'll also see links to create your own photo books, calendars, and other great gifts. Super cool :). I may or may not have spent a fair amount of time checking those out too (but even if I did I can't admit it here because someone reading may or may not be the intended recipient of those gifts and I wouldn't want to give it away. I've already said too much!).

So back to the cards, I managed to narrow it down to these. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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