Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve part 1: The Christmas Story

I have long wanted to start a tradition of reading the Christmas story with the boys on Christmas Eve, but so far they just haven't had the attention span. Sometimes we read one verse of the story from the Bible, but we've never been able to actually read the whole thing.

One year, the boys got upset when I tried to *tell* them the story, so I ended up working it into a Thomas story (what can I say, I was desperate, lol). In the book, Thomas was trying to deliver a package and had to ask many of his friends for help, so in my "revised" version, Thomas was trying to deliver a package and told all of his friends about Jesus being born. Lucky for me, the boys didn't mind the revision, as long as Thomas was still the main character, hehe.

Anyway, so this year I decided to try again. We gathered in front of the tree with our Scriptures (Cuddlebug and Bearhug each have their own set that they got for their birthday last year) opened up to Luke 2. Bitty wasn't really interested but he *was* intrigued by the pictures in the middle of his brothers' Scriptures so he borrowed one and entertained himself by looking at those. We each took turns reading the verses and actually made it through verses 4-20. Bitty didn't want to read a verse, but wanted a turn reading and chose to read the description of one of the pictures he was looking at. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Christmas story, but that's ok :), we just moved on from there.

It was great! We're definitely going to do this every year now :).

After that, we let each of the boys open one of their presents, and then while they were busy playing with those I started baking Christmas cookies...

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