Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paintings by Bitty

Bitty has discovered the "Paint" program on the computer. Of course, once he finished each one, it had to be printed and hung up in the house.

I'm pretty impressed with these because I know how hard it is to control the mouse well enough to get it to actually draw what you're trying to draw. After a few ear-piercing screeches when the mouse was uncooperative, he learned to use the "undo" button himself to fix anything that didn't look the way he wanted it to (because have I mentioned, he is VERY particular!).

"Cat in thunderstorm"


"The painting that Olivia just doesn't get"**

"The painting that Olivia just doesn't get (version 2)"


**The "painting that Olivia just doesn't get" is from the book, Olivia:


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