Saturday, June 9, 2012

The graduates

Cue Alice Cooper, because as of a couple of weeks ago, it's official... school's out.

Two of my babies have graduated from 5th grade, bringing their elementary school days to a close.

I can't believe they are growing up so fast, but I am SO proud of them!

They each earned awards for being on the A/B honor roll all year, and all through elementary school. Awesome job, guys!!

On the last day of school, I took the day off so we could go to their 5th grade graduation, and later that day was Bitty's end-of-year class party.

His class is fairly small (it's a self-contained ASD class) so the teacher let each of the kids get up to read a poem that they've been working on.

Here is Bitty's poem, I love it!

And the drawing (of himself) that he did with it:

After we got home that day, Bitty celebrated the beginning of summer with - what else - Angry Birds :).

He's been getting more creative and building "structures" for the pigs. We put them on a blanket so it wouldn't be so loud when the birds knocked the structures down (dh was taking a nap).

"Level complete!"


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