Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quotes & silly conversations of the week

Little Bitty: "Dude, iss cold ou'side!"
me: "Did you just call me dude?"
Bitty: "yeah"


Cuddlebug (complaining about having to go to bed): "but I'm not even tired!"
dh: "when you're an adult, you can stay up as late as you want... are you an adult?"
Cuddlebug (slouching with a grin): "I'm not even 11 yet!"


Bearhug (hearing Cuddlebug calling him from the other room): "I'm busy! Mom, tell 'Cuddlebug' I'm busy."
me: "Why don't you tell him?"
Bearhug: "because I'm busy..."
I game him a look
Bearhug: "...I AM!"
(busy playing video games, lol)

So I went to tell Cuddlebug that Bearhug was busy.
Cuddlebug (also playing video games): "Tell him I made a great fort and the creepers can't get me!"
me: "Bearhug, Cuddlebug made a cool fort."
Bearhug: "tell him I made a magna-coil!"

Sigh... really?! so I told him and then managed to disappear before I could be asked to play carrier pigeon again.


We were saying bedtime prayers and it was Cuddlebug's turn to pray. After he finished, Bearhug asked if he could say one too, so of course we said yes.

Bearhug: "P.S. we hope me and Cuddlebug's fears go away. Amen."

(their 5th grade class did a language unit on the Greek origin of words, with a whole list of phobias as the vocabulary list and they have since "diagnosed" themselves with many of the phobias they learned about...).

dh: "P.S.?"

Bearhug: "yeah, Cuddlebug forgot that part."

dh: "P.S... Personal Secret"

I laughed, thinking he was making a joke, and then realized he was serious.

me: "Personal Secret?" hehe
dh: "yeah." (in his "what else would it be?" tone)
me: "that's not what P.S. means."
dh: "what does it mean then?"
me: "Post Script"
dh: "hehe Post Script, why would anyone say that?"
me: "because it goes after the end of a letter. Post. Script."

Bearhug: "then what does P.P.S. mean?"
me: "post-post-script."
Bearhug: "P.P.P.S.?"
yeah, you can see where that one's going... finally got him to stop and go to bed ;)

dh: "Nooo... it's a secret that people stick in at the end."
me: "hehe... it's not a secret anymore if they put it in a letter."
dh: "If that's what it means, why wouldn't they just go back and put it in the letter?"
me: "it's from when people didn't have word processing, if they forgot something they had to put a P.S. at the end and add it."
dh: "if that's true, then why do people still use it? that doesn't make sense! see, it's Personal Secret!"

LOL, I suppose there's some logic to that. Kind of reminds me of when he thought "liar liar pants on fire" was supposed to be "liar liar pacifier" (because you'd put a pacifier in their mouth to make them stop lying, of course). seriously he cracks me up!

To be fair I'm sure he has some of these on me, but conveniently I can't think of any at the moment. When and if he decides to write his own blog he can share and have a giggle at my silliness too :).


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