Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creepy creepers and other spookiness

Every year dh gives me a hard time about waiting "until the last minute" to start making costumes. But every year, at least one of the boys changes their mind at the last minute, and that's why I wait. This year was no different.

When I asked back in September what they wanted to dress up as, Bearhug and Cuddlebug didn't want to dress up at all. Although Bearhug told me if anyone asked, he'd just tell them "I'm an alien pretending to be a human." lol

Bitty wanted to be Kirby. Then he changed it to Jigglypuff (a pokemon).

Somewhere in mid-October, Cuddlebug and Bearhug rec'd an invitation to a Halloween party hosted by their friend who lives in our cul-de-sac. The invitation specifically said costumes required so we tried to help the boys come up with ideas. Bearhug finally decided to be a black cat. Cuddlebug still didn't want a costume and said "I'll be a robber pretending to be a regular guy." Such creative non-costume ideas, haha. He eventually settled on being a "Rex-tamer" (Rex being his pillow-pet dinosaur) which basically involved putting a leash on Rex and taking him to the party.

As soon as Bitty heard that Bearhug was going to be a cat, he wanted to be a cat too. I reminded him he still had a cat costume from last year when he dressed up as Pilchard, and asked if he wanted to be Pilchard again. He said yes (which is awesome considering the effort that went into that costume!) Turns out it actually fits him better this year :).

And then about a week before Halloween, Cuddlebug decided he wanted to be a creeper.

What's a creeper, you ask? They're from a video game (of course), they walk like zombies, look kind of like swamp creatures, and blow stuff up. The boys discovered them while playing Roblox (they're really into Roblox at the moment).

I already had the pattern for Bearhug's cat costume so I used the same one for Cuddlebug's creeper costume, with some modifications :).

These were taken Saturday before the party (I had literally just finished the creeper costume when it was time to go). Cuddlebug wanted Rex in the pictures (with his "costume" of a red ribbon leash), but he left him at home rather than taking him to the party. :)

I'm not much on masks and wanted to put the creeper face on the costume chest, but Cuddlebug (who isn't much on pretend) was ADAMANT that the creeper face had to be on his face... so I made him a flap with the face that he could easily lift up out of the way.

These were taken on Halloween:

Had to get at least one picture with Cuddlebug's handsome face, sans creeper face :).

Bearhug and Cuddlebug took off running, they told me they did NOT want to trick-or-treat with Bitty so they were made a point of getting ahead of us.

Bitty tried to keep up, but I talked him into staying with me :). This was his second time trick-or-treating, and we made it to about half the neighborhood this time before he decided he was done. Which was great, because we ended up with WAY too much candy as it was.

Bitty was so cute, I kept trying to remind him to say "thank you" at each house by saying "what do you say?" and he'd say "trick or treat!" again, lol.

He also kept asking people "Do you hab M&M's? Do you hab pink Starburst?" and after the first guy offered the bowl so he could pick what he wanted, he kind of expected that at every house. We're still working on Halloween "etiquette" but all in all he did great and had a fun time :).

The boys were really wired yesterday though so it was nice to have a more "back to normal" day today :).

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