Monday, August 16, 2010

Survived the first week of school

Actually it went pretty well, this was probably our best "first week" ever - I have been so impressed with how well the boys have managed the transition into the new routine. I know it's still an ongoing transition so I don't want to speak too soon, but the first week went better than expected. Only one meltdown (Bitty, 2nd day of school, when he realized this getting-up-in-the-morning thing was going to be an every day occurrence now!) and minimal complaining. We'll see how it goes this week as our resident 4th graders have a series of quizzes throughout the week and a test on Friday to prepare for.

We've even managed to successfully expand the "horse on Sunday" rule to a more general rule of dressing nice for school (ie. save the worn-out, shredded, faded, CHEWED-on, and increasingly too small Thomas shirts for after school). His latest thing is chewing on the neckline of his shirts and now even the ones that looked nice are starting to have tears in the neckline. Hopefully limiting the wear on the Thomas shirts will help the ones he has last longer... and he still gets to wear his Thomas shirts to school on Friday :).


Funny story from church yesterday - when I picked Bitty up from his class he showed me his little "badge" that said "I can be obedient" and was really excited about the new word he'd learned, "obedient." When we got home and he changed into his Thomas shirt, he even wanted me to put the badge onto his shirt so he could wear it all day. Until he started misbehaving and we reminded him that he wasn't being "obedient." You should have seen the look on his face, as if to say "it means WHAT?!" and then he pointed to the little badge and said "Take it OFF!" LOL

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