Sunday, July 11, 2010

What happens when... fall asleep and a Little Bitty gets hold of your phone? He starts taking pictures.

I wasn't feeling well a couple of weeks ago and went upstairs to bed, Bitty followed me. Dh was downstairs with Cuddlebug and Bearhug. I guess Bitty entertained himself, because when I woke up I found these on my phone, lol.

Several pictures of his animal cards:

A few pictures of his feet (if there was any doubt as to the perpetrator, these would be incriminating evidence, lol):

And a little photo tour of my bedroom and his bedroom.

Our dresser (missing all the handles, lol, obviously replacing it hasn't been a priority).

My bedroom window - I actually really like this one, it has an artistic feel to it.

My bedroom door

Bitty's bedroom door

Bitty's toybox, with his finger blocking most of it, lol

There were several other, more blurry ones, and a few totally black ones where his finger was entirely in the way, but it made me smile to find these on my phone :).

Well, that is, after I figured out that he didn't actually break my phone, he just somehow replaced my wallpaper with one of his totally-black pictures that made it look broken. Ack!

Time to put a little Bitty-security on my phone...

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