Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pokemon apprentice

Cuddlebug and Bearhug gave me one of their Pokemon games a couple of weeks ago "in case you want to try it."

It wasn't optional, lol. They asked me the next day how far I'd gotten in the game, and I had to admit I'd been too tired to play. Not wanting to disappoint them again, I made a point of starting the game the next night.

Turns out it is actually pretty fun :).

Although it's hard to play when you have two people hovering over you, both talking at the same time (such that you can't understand either of them, happens all the time so I'm used to it but it's frustrating b/c I really do want to hear what they have to say and no matter how many times I tell them I can't hear either of them when they both talk at once they truly seem oblivious to the fact that anyone else is talking to me at the same time).

I catch bits and pieces, they are both rattling off statistics of the various Pokemon, advising which I should use against which foes, what moves are best, when they will "level up" and what new moves they will learn when they do, and have I been to XYZ city yet?

They are eager to help, even showing me how to trade Pokemon with them. They accepted some of my low-level Pokemon in exchange for some higher-level ones that are apparently hard to find on your own in the game. What they forgot to tell me is that traded Pokemon won't necessarily do what you tell them to do in battle until you have earned at least two gym badges. I only had one, so I learned the hard way when I gave instructions in battle only to see "Jirachi is goofing off." Wha?!

Anyway, I have my second gym badge now so it's all good. :)

So yesterday the boys were telling me "you've learned so much about Pokemon, you're even smarter than Albert Einstein when it comes to Pokemon!"

Me, flattered that they are impressed with my meager Pokemon knowledge, "well I wouldn't go THAT far..."

Bearhug: "It's ok, Mom, Albert Einstein was born WAY before they even invented Pokemon."

Cuddlebug: "Yeah, so he knows absolutely *nothing* about Pokemon."

Me (laughing, so they are not so impressed after all, lol): "So in other words, it doesn't take much to know more about Pokemon than Albert Einstein?"

Boys: "Yeah"


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