Saturday, February 6, 2010

IEP's and other updates

It's been a crazy week. Crazy couple of weeks really... I think I've averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night. Finally got some rest last night but my brain is still fried, so here are some random updates:

2 IEP's down, 1 to go... both Cuddlebug's and Bearhug's IEP's are done for the upcoming year. Not a whole lot of changes there. Bearhug's issues at school seem to have subsided for the time being and he is doing well although he still has the occasional blow-out at home. I think all kids probably go through things like that as they get older, but his difficulties expressing himself and sensitivity to certain situations can really exacerbate things at times. And I wonder how much is actually biochemical and perhaps not entirely in his control to begin with? We've noticed that he tends to be more likely to have outbursts when he hasn't eaten in a while, so we wondered if it is low blood-sugar or something like that affecting his behavior. When we mention that to him and offer him something to get his blood sugar up that seems to help him calm down, not sure if it's actually the food or psychological (or maybe just coincidental?) but we will ask the doctor about it at his upcoming appt (we have an appt for him scheduled w/ a specialist next month).

Bitty's IEP meeting is scheduled for next week. His teacher mentioned we will probably discuss transition to kindergarten when we meet. I'm not sure what kind of kindergarten placement will be best for him... the only options I'm aware of are (1) typical class with resource support and (2) self-contained class. The class he's in now is sort of a unique setup which includes some NT peers (a year younger than he is) and some special needs peers. It's a smaller class than the pre-k classes and has three teachers, at least one of whom is a special ed teacher. It has worked out really well for him. I think he's ready for kindergarten from an academic standpoint (he's a great reader and a fast learner) but his delays in social/communication skills are pretty significant relative to his peers (and getting more so the older he gets, despite all the progress he's making). I guess I'm rambling, and I should just quit worrying about it until we can sit down and discuss what kind of options are available...

In other news, Cuddlebug has started having some difficulty with school, not so much with the work but with being motivated to do the work. When he complained to me about school and asked why he needs to learn things, I told him part of the reason is to help him in whatever job he chooses as an adult. To which he cried, "but my WIFE's gonna do that!!" lol. I informed him that if his plan is to be a full-time dad he also needs to "learn things" in order to be able to take care of his kids. How else does he expect to be able to teach them? He wasn't impressed, but stopped arguing with me (a miracle in and of itself, haha).

Later that week, his teacher emailed to tell me he was not participating in literature circles, not that he was in trouble but to give me a heads up that he had some low grades due to that (still has a B overall in reading though). I asked him about it and realized I never should have mentioned future job as a reason for studying when he informed me that the reason he doesn't participate in literature circles is because, "I'm not going to need that for my job." Really? Um, you can start specializing when you get to college, dude. In 3rd grade, you still have to do all the subjects. Sigh.


Some recent Bitty-isms:

"Issa wi-uhl werm" (sounds like "worm," but it's his way of saying "it's a little warm," so cute!)

"BIG bit" when he wants more than just a "little bit" :)

"bunny miwk" his latest name for chocolate milk, so named for the rabbit on the Nesquik package.

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Anonymous said...

It's so nice to hear what you've all been up to. Phew! I hope you get more rest soon!! I have noticed the same thing with Daniel and meltdowns. Thankfully they usually aren't too bad, but when he does have one, he seems to be hungry. It's like he can't handle being hungry + anything else. He'll also always ask to make pizza. I'm not sure if it's because of the book Pete's A Pizza by, William Steig (where the little boy is in a bad mood so his dad makes him into a pizza). So we're trying to work on expressing bad mood and miserable (words from the book) or hungry. I don't want him to think that whenever he's in a bad mood he gets pizza...but it's one of the few things he likes to eat and if he's hungry, well, then I want to feed him!!!! It's something we're working on.

Cuddlebug's comment about his "wife" cracked me up. =)...and I loved the Bitty-isms. I always try to read and understand what he actually said before "cheating" with the translation. =D

My Three Sons on February 7, 2010 at 9:40 PM said...

Well I haven't experienced the IEP's yet so thanks for preparing me. LOL

It sounds like they are making some improvments. I have heard other parents talk about IEP's and everyone tells them to not worry about it. It is sometimes just harder for them to be tested by someone they aren't as comfortable with.

My middle son tells me all the time that he doesn't have to do any housework because his wife will do all of that. So I'm battling with him. These silly boys thinking woman are super heros. LOL

K on February 8, 2010 at 1:21 PM said...

Adore the new words
Hope you are getting more rest now !!
Motivation is such a huge deal isnt it ( but my wife will work made me LOL ) I think we are setting up expecations for our sons arent we
I bet there is something biochemical for the anger from your other sweet guy - please do update after doc's visit


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