Sunday, September 16, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane...

This summer I took Bearhug and Cuddlebug on a trip to visit family. Bitty and dh stayed home, mostly because we're not quite ready to try air travel with Bitty just yet.

This was Cuddlebug and Bearhug's second trip on a plane, and they did great with the airport procedures, etc. It helped that we took the earliest flight possible in the morning so it wasn't too crowded when we went through security.

The lady checking ID's asked Cuddlebug how old he was and who he was traveling with, then asked him where he was going. He answered the first two questions just fine with one-word answers, but on the third one his expression went blank as he stood there thinking for a minute, then finally he turned to me and asked, "Hey Mom, where are we going again?" Awkward.

Next it was Bearhug's turn. She asked him how old he was and that was about as far as she got since he gave her the long version, "Eleven, same age as 'Cuddlebug' except I'm just two minutes younger and I'm going to the same destination as him and my mom..." he would have kept going, but we managed to move, thankfully there wasn't a long line behind us :).

(Most of the pictures below are new, a few I have posted before but I wanted to have them all in one post)

Waiting in the airport

Playing Angry Birds on the plane :)

Train surfing (trying to balance without holding on)

Visiting the Air Force base, where they signed the gigantic post card :)

Swimming with cousins (note: I typically try to be careful not to post pics of other people's kids on my blog, at least not where you can see their faces, without permission... in case you're wondering why there are not many pics of their cousins, it's not because I didn't take many!) :)

How many boys can you fit inside a stack of floaties? (anyone else remember "how many guys in bunny suits can fit into an H&R block"? hehe)


Love those smiles! :)

Helping their little cousin onto the floatie...

...and all three of them riding together :)

Love this one too... my little niece kept asking me to take her picture while she jumped :).

Looking rather Jason Bourne-esque, no?

uh-oh... ;)

At the airport with Grandma and Grandpa - the boys were sad to be leaving :(

Sunrise viewed from ~30k feet (pilots feel free to correct me if my estimate is way off base)

Waiting for the train to take us to our gate for the last leg of our trip

I am so proud of how well they both did travelling, and had a great time with my big boys! I missed my little guy though (and dh of course) so it was nice to get home too and have the family all together again :).


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