Saturday, May 12, 2012

Angry Birds

Bitty asked me to help him make a slingshot.

Turns out this is what he had in mind:

Yep, we made a slingshot out of old pantyhose, lol. I set up the pigs at the bottom of the stairs for him, and Bitty had the birds lined up behind the slingshot (just like on the game).

He's really into Angry Birds these days... he asks me almost every day, "Do you wike Angry Birds? I wike Angry Birds. Do you wike da bwoo bird? Is da bwoo bird cute?" (note: the correct answer is yes, the blue bird IS cute!)

He has even expressed some interest in the plot line of the game, which I thought was pretty cool:

"Why are da birds angry?"

"Because the pigs stole their eggs."

"Why did da pigs stoled da eggs?"

"Because they like eggs."

"Do angry birds attack pigs?"


"Who do angry pigs attack?"

"That's a good question... birds?"

He recently made this flipnote which I thought was pretty creative (although obviously I'm quite biased!)


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