Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random tidbits

This post was actually written two weeks ago, apparently I forgot to publish it... still catching up from being out of town last weekend (had an awesome trip with my mom to DC for 8/28!).

At church, Bearhug was playing with this so I asked him, "is that a ghost?" (obviously, meaning a pretend ghost). Without skipping a beat, he answered, "no, it's a piece of toilet paper." LOL :)


We met a young man yesterday at a local barbecue place (one we have missed for years but they just built a new one near us, yay!), he noticed our boys are twins and told us he has an identical twin also. He said how much he misses him, as his twin brother is a Marine and will be deploying soon. My heart ached for him, and as we left I found myself in tears at the thought that someday, our twins will be adults and may have periods of separation like that too :(. I know all kids do when they grow up, but there is just something about that twin bond... with the exception of those first few days in the NICU, Cuddlebug and Bearhug have never spent more than a few hours apart at a time. (sniff) I wish the best for that young man and his brother, and hope it is not too long before they are able to spend some time together again.


I just fixed Cuddlebug a snack and after he ate, he told me, "congratulations, Mom, you made me happy again!" lol, he was pretty cranky when he was hungry.


Bitty has discovered the PBS Kids lineup and, true to form, has become rather obsessed with several of the shows. Super Why, Word Girl, Word World, and Martha Speaks are among his new favorites (and Thomas of course, but that's not new for him). He's gotten pretty adept with the DVR and now searches the menu ("men-ooooh") to record his favorite shows on his own (scary, huh?).

Our tv is currently broken so he's having a little "PBS withdrawal" but he's handling it reasonably well. (a little better than dh considering it's the beginning of football season, poor guy!)

I love to hear him quoting the shows and singing the songs, three of his new faves are all about reading ("the powuh to WEAD!"); he LOVES to read so that is right up his alley ;).

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